My Dragon Quest IX team

My Dragon Quest IX team

My team is not level 99 everything but it’s my team and I like it.

UPDATE: My Dragon Quest team has changed very epically. I have gotten my team to level 99 and then revocated it and trained a new guy to level 99 with this team (but Magic).

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  1. Cool video. I like your characters’ ensembles. And thank you for telling me how to zoom in on a profile! I saw it being done in a few YouTube DQ9 videos and couldn’t figure out how to pull it off.

  2. is this a good team?
    Lydia- minstrel lv 51
    Sam- warrior lv 46
    Ash- priest
    and Jasmine- ranger lv 34 (she’s my newest party member)

  3. @crich1234567 I got the axe in Dourbridge’s secret shop and then made it better with alcamizing.

  4. some monsters come near
    blaze:i have crappy armor holy [censord]
    magic:wat a perv
    slime attacks
    blaze is dead
    vegta uses galik gun
    BLAZE team is wiped out

  5. @Cassben1 i have beaten all the bosses from the main game and the strongest grotto boss

  6. @Dragonicafan I’m no cheater, your just a noob. My Gladiator can equip a shield because she has 100 skill points in shield skill and if you didn’t know if you have 100 skill points in something you can equip it where ever.

    P.S. Thats also how my Ranger (Blaze) is equipping a shield and claws.

  7. i really hate mages cause they r so crappy at the beginning and they are hard to keep alive unless you also have a preist

  8. @TheSallax Yes you can! Once you get about one-forth into the game you’ll meat a guy named "Jack of Alltrades" and he can switch your vocation. However when you switch your vocation you are level 1 in that other vocation but if you want to go back to your old vocation with the level you previously had you can do so any time! Also if you didn’t know you can unlock new vocations by completing side-quests in the game.

  9. @Cassben1 Honestly I would think that team would own the Tyrantula but I haven’t play DQ9 for awhile so I haven’t really got a clue in whats good in the story anymore up to Morag.

  10. @pokegan765 Yeah I forgot to mention how to make it. You make it with 1 gold bar, 2 agility rings, and 3 lucid shards.

  11. @MoonScar Customizing characters is not so far away from the beginning of the game, once you get the mission to go defeat the Wight Knight you can go to the Stornway Inn and talk to Patty about making a team. The level of customization with that team is the same thing as making your character in the beginning of the game and you get to chose your teams classes. Later in the game you will be able to unlock an other 6 classes with side quests.

  12. @Cassben1 my party is
    Gohan-paladin lv99 -minstrel lv 41 revocation 2
    goku-thief lv 82-preist51 revocation1
    brolly -warriorlv99- gladior75revocation1
    trunks- sage lv99

  13. @X1acecombat You get my Gladiator’s Shield by Alcamizing it or buy it at Stornway’s armor shop after you beat Corvus.

  14. @1stpltpkmnTR It does boost mending, but I think they’re just using it to recover MP. (I do the same thing with my mage) ^.^

  15. @Dudex11a Cool how far in the game? cause i really wanna have a customized team XD I have the game so i know how it is in the begining but i just wanna make sure you can do the same with the other party members and not just their clothing. Like you can name them aswell yeah? XD I know i should just play the game but it helps to know πŸ™‚

  16. Can you customize the party members like hair and eyes n stuff like how you customized your main character?

  17. @lpslillypad1 This is a good team compared to Corvus, I would change from a minstrel to a sage though.

  18. @poij555 I can’t remember because it’s been so long but I know I answered this question before…

  19. Normally when I see a Gladiator I jump to low agility but yours is nice. Instead for a priest you should have gotten a paladin, Knight’s Watch + forbearance = invincibility for your whole party in a set time and if you need to heal your ranger can handle it just let your gladiator start a nice onslaught. ;p

  20. @MoonScar Yea, you customize your characters hair, eyes, name, and body size in the very beginning of the game. Later you get to do your party. Also in the game you chose the classes of your team and such.

  21. @Dudex11a Metal King Slime! XD! I already have the PKS map but they look kinda crappie…

  22. Have you ever thought of adding Thief allocate skill points to a Gladiator which makes them as fast as an actual Thief? Works for mine and he actually fights for 3 attacker against my Priest and actual Thief.

  23. @poij555 It’s a Mini Medal reward. It can also be made using the following recipe:

    Meteorite bracer = Gold bar x 1 + Agility ring x 2 + Lucida shard x 3

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