Who should be the main character of Final Fantasy 8-2

Who should be the protagonist of a potential FF8-2

  • Rinoa

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  • Zell

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  • Seifer

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  • Selphie

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  • Quistis

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  • Irvine

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  • Laguna

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  • Edea

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Apr 22, 2018
An 8-2 does not exist yet but if FF8 will have a remake it will become a possibility. In most Sub sequels a support character takes over as the main protagonist. In X-2 Yuna replaced Tidus. In XIII-2 Serah took over as the main character though she is replaced again by Lightning on the 3rd game.

So in a Hypothetical VIII-2 who should replace Squall as the lead character?

I am sure most of you will like Squall back but most subsequels got main characters demoted as subsequels are usually spin offs. Also If he returns it will kill the Squall is dead theory.

Wiqar Neha

New Member
Mar 1, 2018
Rinoa because she is the secondary lead. She is in the poster and the second focal point of the game next to Squall. I mean Yuna took over X-2 after Tidus died.
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