Who is the best female main character Final Fantasy ever had

Who is the best female main character in history of Final Fantasy

  • Serah

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  • Lightning

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  • Yuna

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  • Terra

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Addap Earver

Sorceress of the Stone
Oct 28, 2017
Only four female characters managed to become the lead character of their own game. Terra, Yuna , Lightning and Serah.

Terra is the first woman to become a lead of the game.She have an underdog story of this maiden who was discriminated and enslaved all her life. She became the Nemesis of the most evil villain of all time Kefka. She kind of got outshined a but by Celes though but she is a very solid main character with Growth.

Yuna started as a support character in Final Fantasy X but it X-2 she became a lead character. From the innocent looking priestest she became this sexy and feisty warrior.

Lightning is the lead of 2 Games, FF13 and Lightning returns. She is the most powerful main character in the Final Fantasy cannon. She defeated a God and became a God. SHe is a very caring sister to Serah but the audience find her unlikable for being bitchy and rude.

Serah is a Damsel in distress in 13 but she became the lead character in 13-2. She is a tragic heroine because she died on the game where she is the lead character.


Staff member
Apr 7, 2018
Terra is an independent and empowered female character who still managed to have the demure of a lovely maiden. She is very different from Lightning who is super polarizing. Serah have a great character growth but she failed. She have to sacrifice her life to defeat the enemy.


New Member
May 21, 2018
Lightning, Not only she is badass, she is the most powerful main character regardless of gender. She can beat Noctis like a walk in the Park. I also lurve the fact she is not girly. Her rough and tough personality breaks female stereotype. Terra is too feminine, Yuna is a fan service character for male gaze and Serah died. That makes me prefer Lightning over them.
Oct 25, 2017
Terra, a Final fantasy 6 remake will blow people away with it's character and Terra is one of those characters. I was able to relate with her struggles despite of 8 bit graphics. Just imagine if she will be in full hd 3d. Her character growth is just mesmerizing.
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