Who are your most hated Party members of all time.

Apr 22, 2018
Who are the characters you don't enjoy playing because of their weakness? I hate playing these characters because they are weak but I replayed the games again and play them again because I want to challenge myself and finish the game with them being active member of the party.

Here are my top 5.

5. Snow from 13- He is a big and strong looking muscular guy but his offenses and spells are so weak.

4. Garnett from 9-

I love her as a character but there are characters stronger than her. Why use her if I can have Vivi or Beatrix to assist Zidane instead. I only played her on moments I was forced to but she is always a bench warmer for me. I always have to revive her whenever I play her.

3.Kihmari- he looks like a badass Lion/cat person but he is so weak in combat.I will rather use Rikku than him.
2.Sasz from 13- I love him as a character but he is also another one of the weakest in the game. Even Vanille is more useful than him.

1.Cait Sith from 7- Not only this character looks stupid. He have limited slots and his limit break is super weak. Your only reason to include him to your party is you find him cute but levelling him is a pain.


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Apr 7, 2018
I cannot stand Hope from 13. He is the weakest character and he is not fun to use. Selphie is a weak character but she is a fun character to play as.
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