What Final Fantasy games you never get to play?

Apr 25, 2018
I never get to play 11 and 14 because they are MMORPGs and multiplayer and online is not really my piece of cake. I have 1 mbps internet speed so playing online is not possible at all. I also haven't played 4-2 because I never had a DS and its a DS exclusive but maybe they will re release it on Switch.
I haven't played any of the tactics games because I don't really consider as Final Fantasy since they play very differently. I haven't played the remake of 7 but things will change once it's released, for now I am enjoying the remaster. I wonder if the new cutscenes from the remaster will be used for the official remake.
Nov 14, 2017
I never get to play the first 5 games in the series but I am planning to play them once they have remakes. VI already have a remake of it's own and I will play it with my Nintendo Switch.
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