What do they look like in 3d?

Addap Earver

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Oct 28, 2017
Final Fantasy V don't have a remake yet but we get to see Bartz in 3d at Dissidia. A Game where Rinoa fans got pissed because Bartz is kinda flirting with Squall. :D:p
Here he is in 3 different costumes.

How about his teammates. Since There is no remake for V yet, We never really get to see Final Fantasy V characters outside of their chibi form.

This is Princess Lenna/Reina on a 3d official art of square soft, It is kind of weird she is blond instead of Pink haired.

This cosplayer I think is the most likely appearance she will have in 3d.

This is Faris when she was disguising as a Man.

Here she was when she was revealed to be a woman

This is Galuf on 3d, He is the 2nd playable male aside from Bartz.

This is Krile in Final Fantasy 14


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May 21, 2018
This game deserves a remake! The fact that the main character is Bi means it will fit the narrative of the woke generation. It shows diversity and inclusivity.
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