What do prefer for Final Fantasy 16?

Single player or multiplayer

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  • multiplayer

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Jan 14, 2018
A single player RPG just like most Final Fantasy titles are? Or do you prefer a multiplayer RPG just like 11 and 14?

I prefer single player because online gaming can be stressful especially if you need to cooperate with someone or fight against someone. I love single player RPGs because I am more of a loner even in the digital world. I prefer single player because I am more of a story and lore player. I dont really give a damn about levelling up or joining a faction with real people online. I am more into seeing the character development and story.

I know some fans would prefer a MMORPG because they can team up with their friends or meet people and the player support goes for years. I mean Final Fantasy 14 is still getting updates for players while Final Fantasy 15 have most of its dlc cancelled.. So fans of MMORPGs gets better treatment as long as the community stays active.
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