Things I realized after I played this game again as an adult

Apr 18, 2018
Adel is a woman! She looks like a muscular shirtless man because she has the body of similar to a man but she is actually a woman. She is a sorceress after all but all that power she have ruined the curves of her body making her look like a man. She is not a transman, she still identifies as a woman but yeah all that power make her deformed and look like a man.

Quistis have feelings for Squall, I never notice this as a kid but after playing it again as an adult I realized she have secret feelings for Squall but He never loved her back. She is supportive of Squall and Rinoa's romance but she is secretly hurt by it.

Despite of the hatred of fans for it's junction and draw system it is actually a very fun game.

Their government is a bunch of sick breakers of child labor laws as Seeds are underage teenagers. Teenagers are not suppose to be soldiers to be sent in war but its a videogame marketed to teens so the characters are teens.

The NPC's have stories! I use to ignore the NPC's but if you talk to them, they all have stories to tell.


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Nov 27, 2017
Since most of us seen this game as children, Adel and Sheva is our first exposure to female nudity. LOL

Yeah it took me years to figure out that Adel is a cisgender woman who looks like a transman. I also thought she was a man.


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Apr 7, 2018
Something I missed throughout all these years is you can convert monsters into cards. No wonder I never get to complete the cards because I was not aware of that ability.
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