Someone else might die *spoilers*

Mar 22, 2020
In the Original Wedge and Biggs died at Sector 7, and they are both still alive on the remake. We keep getting premonitions that Aerith will die that its so obvious. Well we all know she died in the original but this remake felt more of a reboot than a remake. I have a feeling that Tifa will die instead of Aerith. Tifa's death will be more painful for Cloud eventhough he only see her as a friend because he knows her since childhood. Even the people who never played the original already felt Aerith will die so it felt too obvious. I see a lot of people making theories that Tifa will die instead of Aerith. Oh at the end of the episode 1, we have a scene of Zack being alive. That could be a clue as well.
Jan 2, 2018
Sephiroth Killed Aerith because she is one of the final existing Ancients. So she is a threat. Her white Materia can stop his meteor as well. He won't gain anything from killing Tifa aside from making Cloud Angry. He gains more from killing Aerith since she have the trump card against him.


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Jan 4, 2018
Bigg and Wedge didn't die on this game. They are supposed to die at Sector 7 along with Jessie so there could be major changes we never expect to see at all. We might also explore the possibility of multiverse on this remake. The midgar section I remember from the original is very different from this game.
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