So, tell me about final fantasy XII (12)?


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Nov 19, 2018
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I loved final fantasy 7,8 and 10 , put at least 100 hours into each one. I've finished college but don't yet have a full time job so I'm looking into getting final fantasy 12 to fill in my spare time. I want to know though, what things are there to do apart from the main quest. like there was the trading cards in ff8, blitzball in ff10 etc, what else is there to do in ff12 apart from the story. Also, how long is the game going through at a very slow pace (i like ot pace myself through rpgs to make them last) Shein Reviews

and also are there any other large monsters to fight that aren't part of the main story, such as the dark aeons in FF10. and how flexible is the leveling up system? can you increase the hp cap like in 10?
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Apr 7, 2018
The Minigame of 12 is a foot racing game where you will smash buttons so Vaan can run faster. There is also a fishing minigame. Vaan and Penelo are the main characters but they barely got any character development because the story centers around Ashe.

It is a fun and good game but characters are badly designed.
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