Significance Of Playing Games

Nov 27, 2017
Gaming is a way to get free from job stress, also a moment to share with my cousins and some friends online, but I never have enough time to get addicted to it. I just play to have fun, and to follow the plot when I'm really into the game, but I try to avoid getting too excited about games, otherwise I would like to be playing it 24/7 and be crazy about it.
Dec 29, 2017
In my opinion, the significance of playing games is of becoming competitive because in order to win the game we have to compete to other players, in a way, we develop our creativity and we become confident when we win. It also develops our social life and our skill in using technology. By playing games; we can also meet other online gamer and build friendship through online gaming. Moreover, we learn how to set our goals because setting goals in playing is necessary for every player.For me these are the significance of playing games brings us that we may be able to apply in our real life.
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