Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy is now going to make his own game outside Square Enix


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Nov 27, 2017
From what I know the creator of the Final Fantasy series, Sakaguchi is either fired by SE or he quits because of creative differences. Just look at Final Fantasy 15. It is very far from the vision he have when he made the first Final Fantasy game. I still think letting him go is the biggest mistake of Square Enix. I mean look at what happened to FFXV? Tabata quit Before he gets to finish the DLC promised to all of us. SE have no back up plan which leads to the cancellations of all those DLCs.

Now Sakaguchi is going to make his own game. Basically all of his visions for a Final Fantasy game that he never get to execute will be used on this one. This project will be 100 percent his own creative prowess. Now I think firing him or letting him quit the company is a mistake. After all this drama I hope 7 remake won't be in trouble.
Jan 14, 2018
I hope this game succeeds which leads to Square Enix begging him to comeback. He needs to be back after all the mess that happened after he left.
Mar 1, 2018
No offense to you guys, but they need a younger programmer who is a fan of the franchise with new ideas to take over and keep the franchise fresh. That new director though must be a hardcore Final Fantasy fan to respect the material while adding new things.
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