Poll: Is final fantasy an RPG?

Nov 14, 2018
New York NY
Is it the only thing you need? Is it the RPG for thee? Is final fantasy all that you play? Are all other games lame? Does it put them all to shame? Do you only play games that are popular? Do you only play the games that magazines tell you to buy? That way you'll know you get good games for sure?Does final fantasy consume your life? Is that the reason why you'll never have a wife? Does final fantasy have awesome music? Is probably why it, always gets remixed? Do you always buy the soundtrack to each game, is that the only thing that you will listen to? One day will it drive thee insane? Is final fantasy on play station 2? With music by nobu? And graphics by wong chu? Is it final fantasy number 10? Is it time to save the world again? Right here from your own den? Do you hope that'll you'll get through the game just fine? Will you play, these games until doomsday?
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Apr 7, 2018
With the exception of 11 and 14, Final Fantasy series is a single player party based RPG. It is story driven and it became popular because of the romances. The 15th game change it up for a bit because they got rid of romance for bromance.
Oct 25, 2017
A RPG is a game in which each participant assumes a role as a character - usually in a fantasy or science fiction setting, this way you can really interact to the imaginary world of the game. Yes, Final Fantasy is a well known RPG game, that focuses on fantasy and science fantasy role-playing.
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