Keyblade War Coming To Kingdom Hearts Union X

Peter Paltridge

Feb 21, 2018
The Kingdom Hearts trilogy on PS4 may officially be complete (aside from some unreleased DLC content yet to come), but the mobile spinoff Kingdom Hearts Union X is still alive after launching in Japan four years ago. Square has announced an interesting new development to spice things up...the great KEYBLADE WAR is about to begin! Here's what to expect over the next few weeks...

  • Keyblade War – The Five Foretellers, tasked with protecting the light of the world, clash, drawing the player into the conflict. Uncover the hidden truth behind this great conflict and see how its scars have affected the greater world of KINGDOM HEARTS.
  • Jewels Giveaway – To continue the celebration, now through September 30th, players will receive 14,444 Jewels, a valuable in-game currency, simply by logging into the game during this period.
  • Daybreak Town Hall of Fame – The top ten players who meet particular criteria based on their in-game contributions, such as the number of enemies defeated or the amount of avatar coins collected, will be selected to receive a special mystery prize. More details on the criteria and prize will be available in-game.
Part One of the Keyblade War story arc is now live in Kingdom Hearts Union X, and the story will continue with further updates later this month and into October. You can also expect other updates celebrating the game's fourth birthday. Kingdom Hearts Union X is free to play on the App Store, Google Play, and even the rarely-used Amazon Appstore.


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Apr 7, 2018
So this is an MMORPG that is free to play? I thought it will be related to KH3.
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