I think this is the next game to get a remake


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Nov 27, 2017
9 is not favorite. If I have all the power and influence in the world I want 6 to be remade first. Base on the fan reactions around multiple FF communities, I notice that Final Fantasy 9 have the most fans. It is the second most well received game of all time next to 7. I also noticed in most polls 9 winning but 6 is second place. I think a Final Fantasy 9 remake is within our reach. The characters being Chibi will make it Unique looking from 13,15 and 7 remake is also another advantage of it. This game though not my cup of tea also have a very popular cast. I mean today is Vivi's birthday and lots of fans just tattooed him on their skin. That shows how much impact this game have.
May 23, 2020
You may see Final Fantasy Vi as more deserving but Square Enix will be where money is at. 9 is the second most popular and VI is 3rd. I am sure you will eventually have your VI remake but at this moment IX is more realistic. It is popular and the visuals of remaking it is not ambitious as 6. I mean VI have a character suplexes trains and a character that turns paintings come true. It also have more playable character and multiple endings. So 9 is easier to remake than 6.


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Apr 7, 2018
9 is some sort of a reimagining of Final Fantasy 1, I mean look how Vivi looks exactly like Black Mage. They are hitting 2 birds with one stone if they remade this song. Look at the bright side, we are going to have a modernized version of the song Melodies of life. That song is a classic!


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Nov 30, 2017
I am supportive of a 9 remake because it is a more realistic project to remake, They have a better framework over a super ambitious game with big cast like 6. It is also the second most beloved game in the series. It is the game that brought the series back from its roots because Final Fantasy 8 was such a huge departure.

I know everyone have an old game they want to be remade but lets be realistic that a popular game will always be remade first.
Jan 2, 2018
I would like to her a modern version of the song Melodies of life. That is one of the best songs of the series. They need to flesh out Amaranth because he barely have relevance on the story. If this remake will be stretched out just like 7, then make one of the main characters relevant. Also they needed to get rid of the Lengthy Introduction Before The Evil Forest. I remember all the complaints on this area. I hope they fix it.
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