How strong is the Ring of the Lucii now in the latest version?

Apr 10, 2018

Hello, Final Fantasy XV fans!

I've only played Final Fantasy XV during its launch when it has not yet updated anything. I basically played the day one edition of the game. After watching the movie and seeing how powerful the Ring of the Lucii is when it was used by Nyx in the movie, I kind of feel disappointed when Noctis used the ring at the late chapters.

We spent the whole game trying to get this ring to Noctis' hands and it can hardly beat some Magitek soldiers. I heard that they gave an update on the ring because lots of people are complaining how useless it was.

How is it now in the latest version?
May 12, 2018
Actually, it is worth being called "The Ring of the Lucii" now. For an object that had such significance in Kingsglaive and the big thing about the ring is that it was pretty underwhelming and dull before the patch. I never utilized the ring outside chapter 13 because it was so terrible.
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