Guys would you get turned off if a woman made the first move?

Addap Earver

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Oct 28, 2017
Rinoa is one of the most beloved heroine in Final Fantasy history because of her affectionate and charming personality and stunning beauty.

Well the video above is how they meat. If you notice, Rinoa flirted and made the move first to make sure Squall will dance with her. She didn't even take no as an answer. She just dragged Squall to the dance floor. Something I notice with this love story, It is Rinoa who courted and pursued Squall since he is such a snobbish loner guy. So Rinoa put the matter in her hands and pursue him which she kind of successfully did since he fall in love with her.

Many men do not like it when women makes the first move but Rinoa shows not all woman who makes the first move are promiscuous as the stereotype had been said.
Jan 12, 2018
Rinoa have a sweet personality and she is a looker so how can I say no to that. I am kind of a shy guy, I never asked a woman for a date. My girlfriend in real life made the first move. She is aggressive on getting me but she ends up being loyal. There is a stereotype that women who makes the first move are promiscuous and unfaithful but that is not true.


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Apr 7, 2018
It is 2019, Women can make the first move if they want. Also who would say no to someone as beautiful and sweet as Rinoa. I can't believe people are still this conservative.


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May 21, 2018
It's Rinoa Dude! I will never say no to that! She is beautiful, kind,loyal and loving. She is like the woman you want to introduce to your mom. Even Though she have strong powers she won't emasculate you. She is the perfect woman and I don't care if the woman makes the first move because I am single and open for love. Who will say no to an opportunity to find true love. We live in a very lonely world and the world needs less lonely people.
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