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Jan 14, 2018
Final Fantasy is one of the most Iconic Franchises out there and it has a lot of memorable characters. You know cosplayers loves dressing up as their favorite characters so I decided to share these pictures.

Look at these Rinoa cosplays, The costumes and hair is on fleak. They resemble the character to a T. She really looks like Miss Heartilly from head to toe.


This one is also good, She is able to capture the girl next door charm Rinoa is known for.

This is Rinoa after she was locked inside an All you can eat Buffet for weeks leading to her gaining lots of weight and having acne problems due to greasy food.

This is Rinoa after having a lot of Male testosterone shots.:eek::D Yup a Man decided to cosplay Rinoa while his girlfriend dressed up as Squall.

I will share more good and bad Final Fantasy cosplay. Kudos to these people who shows their love for Final Fantasy by embracing the series through their own special way. I will add some male character cosplay too since there are really good ones.
Jan 14, 2018
Here are some Good Tifa cosplays.

This one will remind you of her appearance on the Movie Final fantasy 7 advent children.

This one is an oldschool Tifa cosplay that will remind you of her FF7 days.

This is a woman on her 50's but she still looks great on her Tifa cosplay.

Now these cosplayers of Tifa are payments for our sins.

Tifa had been overworking as a bartender. She badly needed some sleep.

Tifa decided to drink a lot of beer.

I don't know but this woman is kind of hairier.
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Oct 24, 2017
I remember belle cherry has some of the nice final fantasy costumes. I think it was during FF12 I guess.. It was nice set of characters being displayed by her. She did mostly for female vilians and heroes.
Jan 14, 2018
Cloud strife is one of the hardest character to cosplay. His hair alone is very hard to pull off with a real human. Here are some good Cloud Cosplay.

This one is on point, the Advent children 3d model of Cloud in that movie looks like a Japanese guy with blond hair and blue eyes. He looks exactly like the movie. He is kind of skinnier but he pulled it off.

Ps1 graphics Cloud Strife
This one looks exactly like his ps1 character model.It gives you nostalgia of the technological limit of the past.

This Cloud with Tifa is good but the only flaw is his hair.

This one managed to even have a sword.

This one looks CGI but he is an actual human.

Now time for the terrible cosplays!

This Cloud have an outfit made entirely of duck tape.

He is obviously lacking in the budget department
Oct 25, 2017
Yeah, very interesting cosplay- some pretty good and others(haha)- at least they probably had a good time, dressing up like their favorite character in Final Fantasy. I found a really good cosplay film with the Final Fantasy 8 girls in it-which was a lot of fun to watch !

Jan 14, 2018
Those girls looks impressive. Especially the Quistis one. She have the strict demeanor she is known for. The Rinoa and Selphie are cute and bubbly just like in the game.


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Apr 7, 2018
This is suppose to be Noctis:

This Lightning have a great costume but her make up is scary.
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