Final Fantasy Record Keeper Trick or Treat campaign update


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Oct 23, 2017
Today marks the last day for the Trick or Treat campaign! The final four spooky signs have been added. Be sure to look in every nook and cranny... When's the last time you did a free Relic pull? Maybe there are some heroes you've been meaning to level up?

Today's new obtainable rewards include 3 Major Growth Eggs, 5 Mythril, and 2 sets of 500,000 Gil.

Campaign Duration:
12:00 AM 10/29 PST to 11:59 PM 10/31 PST

New spooky signs will appear in the game each day at 12:00 AM.
There are 10 spooky signs in total. Find them all and the following treats will be sent to your Item Chest:

-Giant Adamantite (8 in total)
-Giant Scarletite (8 in total)
-Major Growth Egg (5 in total)
-Mythril (10 in total)
-1,000,000 Gil

Oh, and don't forget to spare some treats for our chubby chocobo friend--he saved room for dessert!

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