Final Fantasy 64

Addap Earver

Sorceress of the Stone
Oct 28, 2017
Final Fantasy 64 is a lost media that I wish I can have a copy of. It was a 3d remake of Final Fantasy VI for the Nintendo 64. It uses the graphics engine of Final Fantasy VII.

There was said to be a demo of this game somewhere out there. Yes the graphics is dated but this lost media is the first 3d Final Fantasy game. None of us will ever be able to play this game but I wish we can at least have a Final Fantasy VI remake. Even if I have to wait for it again. I think Square Soft canceled it because they decided to go for Final Fantasy VII instead which becomes the biggest game of the franchise.

Here is a five minute footage of the cancelled game.

Jan 10, 2018
I think they just created this demo as a framework for Final Fantasy VII. They recycled those character models into Final Fantasy VII characters. That Celes model is obviously turned into Scarlet.
Nov 30, 2017
I am not interested on getting to play this mere demo. I am more interested on seeing a masterpiece like Final Fantasy VI to get an episodic remake. I love that you can customize this game to choose any character to be the main character is awesome. Imagine the replay value and how worth it is to play the game over and over again because you want to get everyone's ending. We don't have games like that these days.
Jan 12, 2018
I am not interested on getting to play this mere demo..
It is a piece of history that is why many of us wanted to have a hand in it even if it not a complete game. This is a lost media that every diehard fan wanted to experience. Just like everyone else I also want a remake but that doesn't stop me for wanting to play a lost media.
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