Bad rumor about Final Fantasy 7 remake!

Addap Earver

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Oct 28, 2017
It won't be a traditional JRPG, It is going to be an action game with gameplay similar to fortnite and Overwatch. It won't be the tactic heavy RPG we known it for, it will focus more on action. No more turn based system and rather than controlling a party, You will be a single player with assists from AI. Fans waited for this for decades and this is not what we fans had envisioned.

Resident evil 2 remake is having positive reviews for fans, so Square Enix should listen to fans instead of trying to appeal to fans of more popular games. Why Alienate your fanbase? This rumor makes me super nervous.
Apr 18, 2018
NOOOOOOO! I hope this rumor are false. We already have rumors that Cloud will be redesigned and now this. I hope that things won't be this way. If you look at my avatar, I am a huge fan of 7 and I had been waiting for this all my life.


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Apr 7, 2018
So the gameplay of 7 remake might end up being similar to 15 but with less team up and have a direct combat system instead of the traditional RPG 7 is known for. This sounds like a very bad rumor that makes the nightmare scenario of most fans a nightmare come true. I hope this is all rumors and The remake of 7 will have the combat system most fans desire.
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