1. PureGrace

    Is Sephiroth Your Hero?

    Sephiroth has been a villian, but also a hero. He has been wicked, however, now-a-days, even villain plays the role of a hero in the hearts of the fans. So, what is your view about Sephiroth? He is your hero inspite of his wickedness? For me, Sephiroth is a wicked person, but sometimes, I can...
  2. F

    What if Cloud killed Aerith and not Sephiroth??

    Aerith's death, one of the most touching scenes in Final Fantasy VII. The Flower Girl of Midgar prays at an altar when suddenly her prayers are interrupted by an evil Sephiroth swooping down from the heavens to slay the poor Flower Girl with a cruel and swift stab in her back. Everything seems...
  3. cloud_clone

    Do You Think Sephiroth Was Evil?

    I for a long time believed that Sephiroth was one of the victims in the game and that Jenova was the cause of all his actions. There are several theories and arguments made that point to Sephiroth being just a man with a broken mind. I believed that till I read an article from the site FF7...
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