final fantasy 7

  1. PureGrace

    Is Sephiroth Your Hero?

    Sephiroth has been a villian, but also a hero. He has been wicked, however, now-a-days, even villain plays the role of a hero in the hearts of the fans. So, what is your view about Sephiroth? He is your hero inspite of his wickedness? For me, Sephiroth is a wicked person, but sometimes, I can...
  2. F

    What if Cloud killed Aerith and not Sephiroth??

    Aerith's death, one of the most touching scenes in Final Fantasy VII. The Flower Girl of Midgar prays at an altar when suddenly her prayers are interrupted by an evil Sephiroth swooping down from the heavens to slay the poor Flower Girl with a cruel and swift stab in her back. Everything seems...
  3. HarleyQuinn

    News: Journey to Midgar with Cloud in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

    JOURNEY TO MIDGAR WITH CLOUD IN FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS FINAL FANTASY VII Hero, Exclusive Holiday Characters, and More Announced at Fan Festa Event LOS ANGELES (Dec. 11, 2017) – This past weekend, fans of FINAL FANTASY® BRAVE EXVIUS® gathered at The Wiltern Theater for the grand finale of the...
  4. HarleyQuinn

    News: Become the Ultimate Hero and Fight as Cloud in Mobius Final Fantasy

    BECOME THE ULTIMATE HERO AND FIGHT AS CLOUD IN MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY New Job Accompanies Return of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Collaboration LOS ANGELES (Dec. 1, 2017) – MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY® continues to provide fans with exciting new storylines from the FINAL FANTASYseries, as the FINAL FANTASY...
  5. JayGum28

    What do you think about the Turks?

    The Turks are a group of investigators that do "special work" for Shinra in Final Fantasy VII. They all look cool with their suits. Rude, Reno, and Tsung usually get more exposure compared to other members. I think they're a little bit underrated though. So I want to hear your thoughts on this...
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