1. HarleyQuinn

    FFRK Updates

    6★ Soul King (X) 6★ Staff of the Magi (X) 5★ Jecht's Sparring Suit (X) 5★ High Summoner's Helm (X) added to Relic Draw. Place of Many Pasts Phase 2 Bonus Relics Duration 5:00 PM 11/26 PST (1:00 AM 11/27 UTC) to 4:59 PM 12/3 PST (12:59 AM 12/4 UTC) ・Soul King (X) (Blitzball) ・Staff of the...
  2. HarleyQuinn

    Final Fantasy Record Keeper Trick or Treat campaign update

  3. HarleyQuinn

    Anyone else playing FFRK?

    Who's in your squad?
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