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  1. Hova

    Watch The Full Final Fantasy 7 Remake Opening Cutscene

    Those are new potential customers. Especially the people didn't play the original one are going to go crazy when FFVII Remake drops. I have a friend who has pre-ordered it on Amazon @ $59.99
  2. Hova

    Artwork For Final Fantasy VII Remake

    I feel like SE have to make Jessie, Biggs and Wedge playable, otherwise they would be doing something similar to what they did in FFXII, by making them guest characters. This also means they will have to expand the stories of the main characters to make room for additional characters. We would...
  3. Hova

    Watch The Full Final Fantasy 7 Remake Opening Cutscene

    I feel like Final Fantasy 7 Remake is going to break records and that will partially be attributed to this very opening movie.
  4. Hova

    Artwork For Final Fantasy VII Remake

    They might bring in Yuffie, Reeve or RedXii early in the game, or at least that is my hope. Also, It would be awesome if they make it possible to go on side quest with Jesse or even Biggs.
  5. Hova

    Watch The Full Final Fantasy 7 Remake Opening Cutscene

    Square Enix leaked that demo video themselves huh?! The full opening movie is just amazing. I don't have words. Incredible!
  6. Hova

    Artwork For Final Fantasy VII Remake

    The key art is good and all but it doesn't match up to the opening movie, I'm just saying.
  7. Hova

    Patch 5.2: Echoes of a Fallen Star

    I posted a link but the algorithm must have removed it from my post. Anyways, I'm glad you watched the video because it shows more than what is on my post.
  8. Hova

    Final Fantasy XV comes to Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC

    A lot of Final Fantasy players have been waiting for this to happen for a really long time, and finally it has. This has made a lot of people, including me, very happy.
  9. Hova

    Final Fantasy XV comes to Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC

    So what does this really mean for Final Fantasy XV fans? Well, Xbox One and Windows 10 subscribers can finally head over to their respective stores, download FFXV and play it as much as they want.
  10. Hova

    Patch 5.2: Echoes of a Fallen Star

    Finally, we have some great news from the Final Fantasy XV codemasters. Patch 5.2 which has been named 'Echoes Of A Fallen Star' is set to be released on February 18, 2020. Patch 5.2 will feature: A new main scenario quests, a new raid called Eden’s Verse, a new dungeon called Anamnesis Anyder...
  11. Hova

    I wish the food system from Final Fantasy XV should be in this game but in drink form.

    I don't think there is such thing as non-alcoholic bar. Maybe they should add a restaurant for teens to chill there and try a couple of recipes for foods and non-alcoholic beverages.
  12. Hova

    News: Guitar Collections FINAL FANTASY IV Begins New Classical Guitar Series

    So much memories packed into one collection, I love it.
  13. Hova

    Japan is going to Open Final Fantasy 7 cafes

    It is a great way to make money. Also, great marketing strategy for the Final Fantasy franchise as a whole, might I say. I have never eaten in any of the Final Fantasy's cafes, but I really think they are a great idea.
  14. Hova

    A first look at remake Shiva!

    Ooooh ****!!! I was not expecting that. Look at what the graphic guys have done with Shiva yall! I have no words!! Just incredible.
  15. Hova

    A free demo will be released soon!

    I hope the remake is going to be worth the wait. As for the demo, I'm not really sure how long it's going to be but I'm pretty excited.
  16. Hova

    Does Anyone still Play FFXI?

    I did another round of FFXI and it was more fun than I remember. I forgot how fun FFXI was.
  17. Hova

    Kiss me goodbye

    The Japanese version sounds so genuine and amazing. I don't know how else to put it. I love it.
  18. Hova

    Amazing game for the old school gamers.

    It took SE a decade to make FFIV after FFXI. Even if they were to make a sequel, it would take forever.
  19. Hova

    Does Anyone still Play FFXI?

    It has been a while but I think I will give it a shot. I remember spending hours on Final Fantasy XI the first time I heard about it. It is going to be a great experience.
  20. Hova

    Lightning's early concept

    This is an international thing now, I don't think they are only considering one part of the world. People from all over the world are playing Final Fantasy and although most of the game's concept still remains Japanese, it has evolved to become somewhat of a universal game.
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