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  1. chikatilo

    Which version of FF3 have you played?

    I played the Pixel remaster version but I would like to have the Nintendo DS remakes too.
  2. chikatilo

    What do they look like in 3d?

    If they will remake Final Fantasy V, They better redesign Galuf because an old man dressing like that looks awkward.
  3. chikatilo

    If they will remake Final Fantasy IX, should the characters stay Chibi?

    A Mainstream AAA title should not have a Chibi art style in 2022 and beyond, Leave that to indie companies.
  4. chikatilo

    Lightning is the most rude Final Fantasy hero

    Say what you want against Lightning but at least she managed to have 3 games while Noctis got all his dlc cancelled. That shows Lightning is more marketable and successful. @Benji25 Lightning is mad worried about her sister. She wants to save her sister that is why she behaved this way. I...
  5. chikatilo

    Team Tifa or Team Aerith?

    Tifa is the hot chick you want to hang out with while Aerith is the Girl next door you want to introduce to your mom as the woman you want to marry.
  6. chikatilo

    Aerith *spoilers*

    This original game shows the possibility to change her fate but they never executed it. They remove the possibilities to save her to be very controversial but really if you think about the story the remake has a kind of common sense. Cloud in the story looks at the future event that the possible...
  7. chikatilo

    I think this is the next game to get a remake

    A fan tries to make a video of what a potential Final Fantasy 9 remake will look like . I think it is just a mod of Final Fantasy XV but this image makes me wanna see this happen.
  8. chikatilo

    Final Fantasy XIV players hold a funeral for a Player who died of Covid 19

    I want to show this to people who say gaming is bad. This video shows the sense of community and respect gamers can have with each other. Even the players who are usually trollish became organized and dropped their weapons to attend this burial. In these hard times news like this can be...
  9. chikatilo

    What if FF series is abolished?

    Well, we'll have to cope somehow, will we have a choice after all? It's not like someone will put and end to their life, hardcore fans would probably be sad, but after some time they will move along with their lives. Fortunately, the scenario you're describing will never happen, so we don't have...
  10. chikatilo

    Can FF games help reduce stress?

    Final Fantasy can help you unwind and get your mind off the everyday trouble - in that sense it can help relieve stress to a certain extent. However it's game in which there a battles, you fight with other characters/players, it's competition. Any form of fighting, even a video game one, can...
  11. chikatilo

    Do You Think Sephiroth Was Evil?

    I don't think he was evil. He just became sick, madness is an illness and you can't blame mentally ill people for their actions and behavior. In the beginning he was calm and in control. He was humane, remember how he offered his own blood for transfusion to Genesis when the latter was injured?
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