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  1. Rubi

    The Gameplay videos are sickeningly Good

    The overwhelming positive response to the demo shows that this game will be exceptional; it's really refreshing to see a Final fantasy game that isn't in development hell or depends on DLCs to tell the entire story. Yes I am talking to you Final Fantasy 15!
  2. Rubi

    To the people upset that the development of the remake is slow

    I genuinely think that 7R will turn out to be another surprisingly big game. It will probably have a world like Final Fantasy 15, but with more distinctive features. Technically speaking, this is doable if the game takes up one install disc and two play discs. Multi-disc games are less prevalent...
  3. Rubi

    How Many parts are we going to have again?

    FF VII Remake part 1 is like a full retelling already. Despite being the initial game, it only tells the first 10% to 15% of the original plot. It appears that Square-Enix will publish more content for its own stand-alone games. You must understand that Square-Enix has been rather silent...
  4. Rubi

    Final Fantasy V characters are named Twice

    The Butts version I believe is a fan translation. No way they will name a Bisexual character Butts.
  5. Rubi

    Silence will finally end

    Red XIII and Yuffie will finally become playable next chapter.
  6. Rubi

    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin trailer

    They said video games are not art and are only a shallow form of entertainment. I will make them shut up by showing them this trailer. This Game is like a visual sonnet of epic proportions. I mean, look at this beauty! The team behind this Game are doing better than the Final Fantasy XVI team.
  7. Rubi

    FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER | FFVII 25th Anniversary Collaboration

    It was such a Let down of a Crossover Event because I expected more. How about characters from other Final Fantasy and Square Enix characters. Yes, this is a Final Fantasy VII spin-off, but still, we can have other fresh content. I could have been more stoke if we had a Kingdom hearts character...
  8. Rubi

    Is Lightning Lesbian or Asexual?

    No way she is straight. She was never flirty with guys and I don't see her having sexual tension with any men. She loves slapping them instead. Also so what if she is gay? It is progressive and inclusive for her to be gay in a game that mostly have male players.
  9. Rubi

    What is your first Final Fantasy Game?

    Played FFVII when I was a little sprout but I didn't finished it because I was overwhelmed. FFVIII was my first proper, place in my heart. I finished VII when my maturity and understanding of English language improved.
  10. Rubi

    Advanced Merry Christmas

    Advanced Merry Christmas
  11. Rubi

    Man loves final fantasy 8 so much he decided to have surgery to look like Squall

    I will never ever try to alter my appearance like that.
  12. Rubi

    Did you have trouble with the last boss ?

    Yes I did and it took me 20 attempts before I finished the game but now I can finish the gamer much easier since I already figured it out.
  13. Rubi

    This glitch is disturbing

    That looks like a Nightmare fuel. Tidus looks weird without his hair.
  14. Rubi

    Why do you think they sexualized Yuna in X-2?

    Fanservice helps with the sales of games. It was an early 2000s game and female protagonists are a hardsell back then. So they sexualized her.
  15. Rubi

    Who were your favorite characters for a battle?

    I love Rikku, Wakka and Auron. I always sideline Tidus
  16. Rubi

    How long did it take you to beat FFX?

    A whole year because my parents only allow me to play games an hour a day and I am more of a grinder.
  17. Rubi

    Is Final Fantasy VII Worth Playing?

    There is a reason why people demanded a remake of this game. This is one of the GOATS
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