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  1. m_cel

    Why do some people hates this game?

    The only reason for me to hate this game are the canceled dlcs.
  2. m_cel

    Which character should have a DLC Next?

    Before meeting the other Avalanche members, such as Cloud and Barret, Yuffie has her DLC intergrade, which enables the reader to get to know her better. Zack received a Crisis core remake, allowing us to learn more about him before his untimely demise. Which character ought to get the following...
  3. m_cel

    Happy Birthday Tifa!

    Tifa is my favorite because she is just a regular girl. There was no descendant of a lost race with magical abilities, no superhuman enhancement, not even a weapon. Just a regular girl who fights with her fists. Everything she has or has learned is the result of her own hard work. Her life was...
  4. m_cel

    Are we going to Have Final Fantasy characters again?

    The Final Fantasy characters who never appeared in Kingdom Hearts yet should make their debut.
  5. m_cel

    What would you like to see on a potential Final Fantasy 16?

    I want crossover with past Final Fantasy characters. XV have the guest characters system. Imagine having heroes from the past games as some sort of guests.
  6. m_cel

    Aerith *spoilers*

    I won't be playing her at all. I will rather spend items and upgrades to characters who will be there until the end. There should be some sort of incentive for using her after she dies. If there is none, I have no reason to play her at all. That gives me more reason not to play her. I will...
  7. m_cel

    Who is your favorite character in all Final Fantasy?

    I have tons of favorites like Squall, Rinoa, and Cloud. But my most favorites are Yuna and Tidus. I'm always rooting for them I love how their love story built up.
  8. m_cel

    Expectations on Final Fantasy games in year 2025?

    Wow, this is really a good question. I can't imagine how the games would be in 2025. Well, my expectations would be a lot higher, they should upgrade their stories to a next level may be more difficult quest, more appealing characters, and I like also the idea of virtual reality games.
  9. m_cel

    Romance in Final Fantasy

    In every video games, there are always love stories. Love always has a big role in every story even in real life. In Final Fantasy, there were tons of love couples but my favorite is Tidus and Yuna. I love how Tidus cares for Yuna there were perfect for each other. Do you have any favorites...
  10. m_cel

    Phone fell into water while gaming : Anyone with such experience?

    Are you serious? You've found a way to reduce the impact into the ground? Wow, that's a talent you have great reflexes. Haha, I don't have that kind of skills usually it's too late for me to save my phone from falling into the ground. Any tips you could share with us to have good reflexes? Haha:D
  11. m_cel

    FF1 remake?

    Yes, I would be crazy playing FF1 again if there's a remake. But I would love to play it on a console or in smartphones. I hope they can make FF1 an app so I could play it anywhere I want. I doubt they're going to make a remake but let's keep our fingers crossed for that. We can file a petition...
  12. m_cel

    Alternatives to Final Fantasy?

    If I'm outside I play mobile legends. It's a good game. My friends and I are having a good time while we're playing mobile legends. Some of my friends buying skins just to make their characters look good. They're kind of addictive to the game. They're willing to spend some money just for the skins.
  13. m_cel

    Feeling sick but still can't stop or resist the urge to play Final Fantasy games

    You should better rest my friend. If you're sick, leave playing video games for a while. You could go back some other time. How are you going to be able to win the game if you are ill? So better rest then come back any time soon.
  14. m_cel

    Playing video games can make people crazy?

    Have you imagined yourself playing video games while at school? My classmate can't focus to study at school because he's always imagining himself playing video games. He's always telling me that he can't understand the lessons he wants to go home right away just to play games. He's kind of crazy...
  15. m_cel

    What if FF series is abolished?

    Well if the developer decided to stop Final Fantasy, I would be sad but that's life, nothing lasts forever in this world, there's the beginning and there's also an ending. I'm already happy what Final Fantasy has become, the long journey is remarkable. Reaching this far is a legend. They made...
  16. m_cel

    Which Final Fantasy game do you think has the best character cast ?

    For me the best character cast that Final Fantasy ever had is the original cast FF1 where all it started. I love the original characters because they're the reason why I started playing Final Fantasy. Each character is very significant whether they're main character or a villain. I admired their...
  17. m_cel

    News: Play with Friends in the New Final Fantasy Xv Multiplayer Expansion

    This is so awesome. Multiplayer together with your friends would be a lot fun. I can't wait to try it with my friends for sure we're going to play all day long. Thank you for sharing great news to us. Enjoy playing everyone. Have a nice Final Fantasy day with your friends.
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