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  1. Misty_Katz

    Final Fantasy X-3

    Sad they are not confident enough to pull the trigger for this
  2. Misty_Katz

    Why did Final Fantasy became an action game with RPG Elements instead of a Fantasy based RPG with Turnbase combat?

    Oh boy, technically Final Fantasy is now an action RPG, which is like a JRPG but with more kick and punch! Why did they change it, you ask? Partly because JRPGs are about as popular as a vegan steakhouse, so by going more action-oriented, they can attract new fans. But, let's not forget that...
  3. Misty_Katz

    Final Fantasy 16 Revenge Trailer

    Outcasts banded together to save the world in previous Final Fantasy games. The light and the dark coexisted. The story's levity conceals a serious message. Extorting money from a devoted fanbase seems wrong since album 13. Without the FF trademarks, the game appears generic to me. Final Fantasy...
  4. Misty_Katz

    I find it upsetting we will only control what character at a time

    This change irritates me. I don't mind RPGs where you only control one character; I just don't understand why they did it for an FF game. It appears that they want to get rid of what makes Final Fantasy unique.
  5. Misty_Katz

    Happy Birthday Yuffy

    I love how Square Enix greet characters on their Birthdays, first Tifa and now Yuffy. They treat them like they exist.
  6. Misty_Katz

    Is Red XIII a cat or a dog

    @JiLLian, yeah Hyenas look like dogs but they are more related to cats. There also an animal called Musa and it looks like a lemur but its a cat.
  7. Misty_Katz

    Final Fantasy 16 is close to completion!

    Now Square Enix sold their American branch Crystal Dynamics, We might get more focus on the development of this game.
  8. Misty_Katz

    Are we going to Have Final Fantasy characters again?

    Squall had been a Kingdom Hearts staple since the first game so imagine how upset I am that he is not on the 3rd game. Aerith was also a Staple and she is also on on 3 because there is a Final Fantasy VII remake.
  9. Misty_Katz

    I already own the Ps4 version but I am considering to buy the PC version for the Mods

    Please check the specs of Your PC first to make sure your PC can handle installing mods.
  10. Misty_Katz

    Sonon and Yuffie

    I cried when he died and I know more characters will cry, I have to be ready for the worst.
  11. Misty_Katz

    Robert Pattinson (Edward from Twilight and current Batman) is a Fan of Final Fantasy VII

    He should teach Zoe how to play Final Fantasy 7 because she doesn't know what she has been missing.
  12. Misty_Katz

    This is My least favorite game in the series

    If you don't like it don't play it. I loved the game and I wish the cut content will still come in some way or form.
  13. Misty_Katz

    I am still bothered we never get those 3 dlcs

    You can still hope because Devil May Cry 4 got dlc after 10 years! There are games that somehow got new content decades after their release. Maybe if Final Fantasy XV gets some kind of anniversary edition it could happen.
  14. Misty_Katz

    I like Ardyn over the main characters!

    The way Ardyn behaves in the story is almost like he has not done anything wrong, even if he is the villain. Most people say the Gods of Eos are the story's true villains. I may have to agree. They are right. Noctis and Ardyn are brethren. They are from the same line. When it comes to Noctis's...
  15. Misty_Katz

    Are we able to play as Cloud and company?

    You can Play as Tifa too, As her modern version and her pixels version.
  16. Misty_Katz

    I am so excited excited because it is 2 weeks we can play this game!

    I have problems, I find the game way too repetitive.
  17. Misty_Katz

    Why do some people hates this game?

    As A person who enjoyed FFXV and whom knee jerk said aloud, "the heck, it was" when I saw this video title, I want to say that I clicked through after all that jazz because I respect your thoughts and opinions on enough other topics that I was prepared to give you the chance to change my mind...
  18. Misty_Katz

    Endwalker expansion!

    I never expected that we are going to get another expansion dlc. This game have a very rough beginning but it had surpassed the challenges and the online community is still strong. It had outlived the online players of other more recent games. It keeps getting strong and now we are getting...
  19. Misty_Katz

    Sonon and Yuffie

    His death is really saddening but I know it is inevitable because I don't remember him being with Yuffie in the original game. Such a well written character.
  20. Misty_Katz

    Are we able to play as Cloud and company?

    Good news! You can play as Cloud!!
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