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  1. Athanas

    What are the chances of Final Fantasy 8 getting a remake?

    I think a Final Fantasy 8 remake will happen somewhere before the year 2050. It is not the top priority at this moment. So give your best to live longer and live a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Athanas

    I already own the Ps4 version but I am considering to buy the PC version for the Mods

    Do not download mods, They could have viruses that will ruin your pc.
  3. Athanas

    What is your favorite music in Final Fantasy XV?

    We are sailing in the same boat there, I also love Under Siege and I appreciate it.
  4. Athanas

    Melodies of Life is One of my Favorite Songs

    The song is very nice, and really attracts most of the players to play the game to the end. A game would be as good as nothing without any songs in it.
  5. Athanas

    Would you like a mobile version of FF8?

    Yeah, the devices have to be specifically designed to handle games. An ordinary mobile device will pose chaos.
  6. Athanas

    Have any of you guys played this game on the 360?

    I have never tried playing it on the 360, I mostly play it on the pc.
  7. Athanas


    I am not sure with the exact number of the job classes in FF1, but the ones I have heard include monk, thief, ninja, warrior, and black wizard.
  8. Athanas

    Why FF VII is such a good game?

    Some games are boring when you play them. With this one, however, there are many interesting incidences that keep you alert and entertained.
  9. Athanas

    Would you like a mobile version of FF8?

    A lot of people now prefer mobile phones as their main gaming partners. The reason is very simple- the mobile devices are not cumbersome and are easily transfered from place to place. And some android phones come along with the best graphics, an ideal feature in the industry of gaming.
  10. Athanas

    Does Anyone still Play FFXI?

    The main reson why many people prefer the newer versions of the final fantasy is I think the improvement in the graphics and fixation of minor errors that discouraged some players in the earlier versions.
  11. Athanas

    Can the car used by the protagonists in Final Fantasy XV be created in real life?

    Am sure with the rapid advancement in technology, such cars could one day be manufactured on this planet.
  12. Athanas

    How do you feel about Final Fantasy XV's ending?

    It is true people have different experiences with these final fantasy games. According to my own experience with FF15, I did not see its ending as bad.
  13. Athanas

    Final Fantasy Awakening Tutorials

    Great job. Hope the videos will assist many people.
  14. Athanas

    When did you start playing?

    I think it is a nice experience playing it together with kids.
  15. Athanas

    Is this game even worth coming back to?

    Yeah, needs a lot of time sacrifice for the games.
  16. Athanas

    The bad side of ff15

    Exactly. It is not a big deal if we ignore them and take the positive side of the game.
  17. Athanas

    Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary !

    That celebration is worth it. For a game series that has drawn the attention of many fans worldwide, it needs that kind of recognition. I am surprised that it has attained a whole 30years! It is older than some of us fans.
  18. Athanas

    Romance in Final Fantasy

    I think the chief target group of FF was young people. The fact that there is common elements of romance is true, which makes most young people love to play it. But guess what, many people tend to be attracted to games that have some sort of stuff than entirely abstract games.
  19. Athanas

    Who Else Missed the Zodiac Spear?

    Unfortunately some people lack this important skill, and thererfore give up the first time they fail. They never bother to try it again.
  20. Athanas

    The FF characters are mostly young. Why?

    I think are the young people who are much into action. Final fantasy is full of action.
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