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  1. Penny

    Is Final Fantasy Brave Exvius worth playing?

    It is a lot of fun and it gave me nostalgia from the good old days.
  2. Penny

    Would you like an Advent children game and Post Advent Children episode?

    Imagine Cloud Strife on his 30s with facial hair. I want them to cross that line.
  3. Penny

    Final Fantasy 7 Evercrisis

    It is coming this September 22 and I am so excited. I am super excited when this game was announced, like imagine playing the entire ff7 saga in one game.
  4. Penny

    Final Fantasy 16 official Combat and story trailer

    Impatient people had been hating on this game but it looks magnificent! Summons are given a bigger role! The Combat system is like poetry for the eyes! The fast paced hard hitting action looks exciting! I eat a burger everyday and I won't be eating burgers for 12 days so I can afford this 60...
  5. Penny

    Would it be cool to have Marvel in Kingdom Hearts? Marvel is owned by Disney.

    Big Hero 6 as most people here said started as a Marvel Comic. Into the Spider Verse would be cool since its already in CG so it can translate well to Kingdom hearts.
  6. Penny

    Research on Final Fantasy XIV players' well-being

    It is the first online community where people are not screaming on their microphones with foul words.
  7. Penny

    What is your first Final Fantasy Game?

    Kingdom hearts 1, That is where I met Squall and Aerith. I played Final Fantasy 7 and 8 afterwards.
  8. Penny

    Final Fantasy X-3

    Older Tidus will look cooler if he will grow some Facial Hair.
  9. Penny

    Are they going to not follow the original?

    I believe they will still follow the frame work of the original but they will make the game more current with today's society. Look how offensive the original crossdressing of Cloud in the original to the fabulous one we get now.
  10. Penny

    Final Fantasy XIV changed the Sage class icon

    I didn't know such phobia exist. Suddenly I remember my sister who have pet frogs but for some reason she is afraid of cats and I love cats, so we never became close.
  11. Penny

    Are we able to play as Cloud and company?

    I am too lazy to DIY my own character. I played what was randomly given to me when I played Final Fantasy 14 because I am too lazy to make my own character. I want to know if its possible to just use default characters who are established characters. I am not a fan of character customization...
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