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    Do you listen to music when playing FF games? If yes, what's your favorite?

    I think sometimes it's a subjective matter. Personally I tend to be fine with any cool music on most of my games
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    Have you invested real money in playing Final Fantasy games

    You got it, in the area of investment I am somehow skeptical we all want to invest in ventures that would profit us significantly. I believe Games are a good thing to invest in if the games are well planned
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    Why do men likes to play video game so much?

    I think another reason why men love to play video games a lot it's a great form of entertainment for each other as friends. Friends would always have something to keep them busy while they are at same time enjoying themselves. Playing video games together keeps friendship warm.
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    What do you consider most important feature in video game

    I think one main attractive features in video games is the motion and sounds made by the characters. Unlike other forms of games, video games come with quality graphics and more colorful characters.
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    What if video games were never created

    If there were no video games then most probably we wouldn't have known that something like video games ought to have existed. Perhaps music and other forms of games that can be played and watched outside of the video would have dominated.
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    Is Final Fantasy better than other RPG games?

    It depends a lot on your view of Final Fantasy and the other RPG games. Another thing is which of these games graphics and motion appeal more to you. Well, I am not saying FF is too fantastic but wouldn't like to conclude that one is better than the other. Each one of them is unique.
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    What made you to join final fantasy forums?

    Primarily I joined final fantasy to see the views of others about this beautiful game. I want to socialize with people of common interest game wise. I like to also use this medium to make others see my perspective about the game.
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    Are Games Part Of Fun?

    The primary aim of games in my opinion is for fun. So talking emphatically games are a huge part of fun. When I was younger I enjoyed myself a lot playing all sorts of games with peers computer and other forms of games. It was always an avenue to catch fun and be sociable.
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