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  1. Setari

    Why did Sephiroth becomes evil?

    His life is a lie and the truth is too much for him to handle. He reminds me a lot of Homelander from "The Boys"
  2. Setari

    Would it be cool to have Marvel in Kingdom Hearts? Marvel is owned by Disney.

    A boss fight with Thanos will be awesome too. So yes I want Kingdom Hearts to explore Marvel. They kind of did it already with Big Hero 6.
  3. Setari

    There is now a digital recipe book for Ignis' recipes

    I wish the recipe feature will be in Final Fantasy 16 too.
  4. Setari

    What disney stories you would like the next game or dlc should explore?

    You got to be kidding me, That is the most stupid Idea I ever heard and I love it! Kingdom Hearts doesn't make sense as a story so they can do something that off putting.
  5. Setari

    Research on Final Fantasy XIV players' well-being

    Final Fantasy 14 is one of the longest running online community for a reason! We are not toxic!
  6. Setari

    Are we going to Have Final Fantasy characters again?

    I just want my boy Leon AKA Squall back. he has been there since the beginning of the series!
  7. Setari

    Man loves final fantasy 8 so much he decided to have surgery to look like Squall

    Yikes, I can't believe people will go that far. We get plastic surgery to enhance our looks not to look like someone else. I guess as long as he is not hurting anyone and this makes him happy. This is not something I will do to myself and I am someone who wants to get a nose job. Yes I want...
  8. Setari

    Why Episode 2 is still not available?

    I am trying to wait but playing part 1 again back from the start. The Pandemic and quarantine gives me all the time in the world. Guys be patient and just wait for part 2 like normal people instead of being too obsessive. There is a reward from waiting. Your impatience is becoming too toxic.
  9. Setari

    Something that made me feel old

    Kudos to Square Enix who had been loyal to him by consistently casting him as Sora throughout the years. Many videogame companies have no sense of loyalty as they usually ditch the original actors for lesser known newbies for cheaper labor.
  10. Setari

    This Final Fantasy VIII parody is hillarious

    LOL that is really funny,I love how that parody made fun of the fact that newly graduated students are suddenly sent to war against highly trained soldiers. When I was a kid I use to think Seifer was cool but I just realized how immature he is.
  11. Setari

    Today is the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy 8!

    I suddenly feel old because my childhood is now 2 decades ago. The game still felt new to me whenever I play it. Until now I sing the song "Eyes on me" by Faye Wong at the Karaoke parties. That song is very timeless. I know the graphics of this game is now considered dated but I enjoyed this...
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