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  1. Ampersand&

    Happy Birthday Tifa!

    The fact she kills monsters with her bare hands makes me love her. She looks more cooler than those weapon users.
  2. Ampersand&

    Are we going to Have Final Fantasy characters again?

    The Final Fantasy 16 characters so we will have an idea who they are before their game is released?
  3. Ampersand&

    Sonon and Yuffie

    Any new character we met in future episode that don't exist from the original are most likely to die.
  4. Ampersand&

    This remake sucks

    The changes this remake had introduces this legendary game to a new generation of players. They loved this remake so much that they played the original. You need to stop inventing shadows and see the brighter side of things. Too much negativity will make you miserable. Time to let go of that...
  5. Ampersand&

    When are we going to have the next episode?

    Let's just hope that it is coming somewhere this year. It is January already.
  6. Ampersand&

    I already own the Ps4 version but I am considering to buy the PC version for the Mods

    The PC version have lots of interesting Mods that can give you fresh experience from alternate skins to gameplay altering ones. There are mods that can make the the remake easier and there are also mods that can make the game harder. I love the Mods where you can make Cloud, Tifa and Aerith...
  7. Ampersand&

    When are we going to have the next episode?

    I still believe that Zack is dead and what we are seeing now is a Multiverse. We will see different versions of realities on the next episode. It will all go full circle eventually.
  8. Ampersand&

    What is your first Final Fantasy Game?

    Final Fantasy X is my first one but I did played he remasters of the older games. I never played the tactics games though.
  9. Ampersand&

    Sonon and Yuffie

    This is now a clue. If you meet a playable character who is not from the original. That person is going to die. At least this prepares us for the inevitable death of the beloved local florist. The tragedy is always been a part of Final Fantasy games.
  10. Ampersand&

    Why Episode 2 is still not available?

    In recent days. we are not getting updates because the Covid 19 is slowing down production. We are suppose to have episode 2 this year but things happen.
  11. Ampersand&

    FF1 remake?

    I would have been happy if Origin was the remake of 1 but its not.
  12. Ampersand&

    Never Played Never Heard of Final Fantasy 1

    I never get to play it too because this I don't have an SNES
  13. Ampersand&

    What do you think of Cloud as a girl?

    Cloud could have defeated Sephiroth if he fought him with the dress. He would have distracted him with his beauty.
  14. Ampersand&

    This game is actually a remaster of 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.

    To the people requesting voice acting, The voice lines from the 90s sounds to awkward to be dubbed. There is a reason why Final Fantasy VII remake script was rewritten because the lines sounds awkward with voice.
  15. Ampersand&

    Why play the original if there is already a remake

    Well I am going to buy them because I love the franchise and I dont mind games with Pixelated graphics. The remasters will encourage new players to play and stream the classics. Yes it is not 3d but everything should not be in 3d. You said you love remakers and the success of remasters could be...
  16. Ampersand&

    Is this able to compete with the other Battle Royales?

    The Final Fantasy name is mainstream enough to pull an audience. They just need to make this game addictive and fun to play so people will stay.
  17. Ampersand&

    Are we ever going to have a 3rd Final Fantasy X game?

    I hope so! I am a huge fan of each new part that comes out of them and I hope our adventure is not over yet. There are so many weak games that are dragged on for years, even though nothing concrete comes out of them, so I hope that our developers are still sitting bravely and thinking what to...
  18. Ampersand&

    This game dont deserve the hate it got

    I agree with you that this common part is not enough praise and I wonder why. On the other hand, I am happy that people expect too much and enjoy what is too little. Still something does not suit them, still up-to-date tools more and that's how it all turns in this world of players. I am very...
  19. Ampersand&

    Why Ashe is not the main character?

    I think Ashe is the main character, although Balthier might get a few more lines. Vaan is just a guy who will join in and it's only because the story is told from his point of view, but it doesn't mean that he is the main character right away, which I am personally very happy about because I'm a...
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