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  1. Alistair

    Why do some people hates this game?

    They can't accept the fact these men are super attractive and they question their sexuality.
  2. Alistair

    Ps4 version of Final Fantasy VII remake is now $20 now!

    The Biggest disadvantage of buying late is you will be the only one playing it because all your peers played it at launch.
  3. Alistair

    Something that made me feel old

    I was not yet born when this series started but I am able to catch up playing remasters. I don't feel old seeing him grow old but I know my turn of feeling old will eventually come because time is fast. We have 40 year old Millenials now y'all.
  4. Alistair

    What disney stories you would like the next game or dlc should explore?

    Encanto, Raya, Moana and Star wars. Those are all Disney Titles and they are going to be unique experience if we see them used for the game. Imagine the visuals of exploring those worlds. I appreciated Encanto and having Luisa as an Ally will be cool knowing how strong she is.
  5. Alistair

    Final Fantasy 7, The original can now runs 60 fps because of a mod

    We are still waiting for mods of the original but the original version of the game recently had a 60 fps mod for the pc version. It felt like a different game now and it runs faster thanks to the mod that made the old game run faster! Now I wonder if this mod is compatible to that mod that...
  6. Alistair

    We are not getting this game in 2022

    Nobody wanted to play a rushed and incomplete game. I would rather see them work at their own pace and focus with their own vision of this game than trying to follow a deadline by crunching. Games that are crunched have tendencies to have lots of bugs and miss a lot of content. Cool your jets...
  7. Alistair

    Sonon and Yuffie

    Sonon is like a reverse of the women in the refrigerator trope. That trope is when a female character's death is use to give growth to a male character. He is a reverse Aerith. He existed so Yuffie will become a better character and his death will be an instrument for her to be more motivated...
  8. Alistair

    Why Episode 2 is still not available?

    They paused the production of Part 2 because they finally did DLC for Final Fantasy XV. It doesn't look like the canceled ones they promised but it looks better.
  9. Alistair

    Why is this game not in Xbox one or X Series

    It is available for the PC because of Steam, So that means they are open working with Microsoft. They may have deals with Sony to make it more exclusive to Ps5 thats why Xbox never had any.
  10. Alistair

    I like Ardyn over the main characters!

    He is one of the few villains who achieved his goals because he won in the end. He accomplished his noble goal of ending the Starscourge and his corrupted goal of ending the royal bloodline. His Heroic past and villainous present both fulfilled their missions.
  11. Alistair

    Why do some people hates this game?

    People have less reasons to hate it now because we are getting the dlc!!
  12. Alistair

    This Game finally grows on me

    It was never a bad game and it sold well. Harada from Namco wont make Noctis a DLC character for Tekken 7 if this game is not popular. The only people making the whinings are the ones obsessed with playable female characters. Well have a have a lot of them in Final Fantasy VII remake and they...
  13. Alistair

    I am so excited excited because it is 2 weeks we can play this game!

    It is like a more serious Fortnite based from what I experienced by far.
  14. Alistair

    Final Fantasy 2 Walkthrough

    This is a great help because I will be playing Pixel remaster. Final Fantasy II is one of the games on the bundle. I will be having a marathon of all the Pixel games.
  15. Alistair

    Billy Bob!

    I wonder how Billy Bob Thornton that there is a Final Fantasy character named after him! I was laughing the moment I found out his name is Billy Bob! I mean there is a real person named Billy Bob and now there is a character named after him! He looks nothing like the actor though, He reminds...
  16. Alistair

    Is Final Fantasy Brave Exvius worth playing?

    I played it for the guest characters like Lara Croft!
  17. Alistair

    Tidus was originally going to be a Plumber

    In the final version of the game, Tidus is an Athlete, He is a Blitzball player, Blitzball is a fictional sport in the Final Fantasy X Universe. Well in the early drafts of the game, According to Kazushige Nojima, He was suppose to be an underwater Plumber. He swims in the ocean to clean fix...
  18. Alistair

    FF1 remake?

    I hope so because I want the new generations to meet the original heroes! I mean people who never played Resident Evil 1 at least knows who Jill Valentine is. I dont think casuals knows who Warrior of light is.
  19. Alistair

    Final Fantasy VII: first soldier

    Square Enix will have nothing to lose because this game just use recycle assets from remake. That is like making a new game for a fraction of a cost. I commend them for trying a cheap way to make money out of Final Fantasy VII remake because that game is expensive. They need to win back some of...
  20. Alistair

    I need Help please! How can I defeat Bahamut!

    I still remember how hard this bossfight is
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