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  1. Bartz_FFV

    Final Fantasy 16 announced!

    Admin, I think it needs its own section! After having futuristic worlds with 10,12,13 and 15 and 7 remake. Final Fantasy is going back to it's medieval setting roots. The protagonist is male and he is more on the Manly side instead of a boyish Pretty boy like Cloud and Noctis. He reminds me of...
  2. Bartz_FFV

    When do you think they will release part 2?

    Fall 2021 is the most speculated date. The programmer's might be working at home so I don't really think the production will be really delayed.
  3. Bartz_FFV

    Final Fantasy 7 remake sold well!

    The game sold 5 Million copies as of August!I wish they have some small dlc while people waits for the next episode.
  4. Bartz_FFV

    Final Fantasy XIV players hold a funeral for a Player who died of Covid 19

    I am more of a single-player guy so I never played 11 and 14 but this is a great reflection of what kind of community Final Fantasy XIV has. If I have a faster internet connection I might consider playing online because this looks like a better community than Mobile legends.
  5. Bartz_FFV

    Do you agree that Final Fantasy VII is overrated?

    You know you won't have this amazing remake without the original paving the way. I still believe this game both original and remake is legendary because it deserves to be. Most Final Fantasy games before this game have medieval settings and this game changes everything and shows futuristic...
  6. Bartz_FFV

    Someone else might die *spoilers*

    This comics gets in my mind a lot because Zack is alive. Something like this may happen. Makes me wonder if we will be getting a Zack and Aerith Interaction. A love square will happen too since Tifa loves Cloud,Cloud loves Aerith and Aerith loves Zack. It is going to cause a lot of...
  7. Bartz_FFV

    I think this is the next game to get a remake

    9 is some sort of a reimagining of Final Fantasy 1, I mean look how Vivi looks exactly like Black Mage. They are hitting 2 birds with one stone if they remade this song. Look at the bright side, we are going to have a modernized version of the song Melodies of life. That song is a classic!
  8. Bartz_FFV

    Kingdom Hearts Series In Development

    I wonder if we will see Final Fantasy characters on the show just like how they show up on this game. The Final Fantasy characters didn't show up in Kingdom hearts 3 but they showed up on the rewind dlc.
  9. Bartz_FFV

    I want crisis core,and Advent children as dlc!!

    I won't mind Crisis core as dlc happening since they already have the character models for it and the game is indeed super dated and didn't age well. We now live in an era that even super minor NPCs have their own voice actors.
  10. Bartz_FFV

    Final Fantasy 7 remake sold well!

    One change I want to happen, I kinda want Biggs, and the Shinra guys once they are not evil anymore due to Sepiroth being more evil become possible team mates.
  11. Bartz_FFV

    Final Fantasy 7 remake sold well!

    This game managed to deliver in both quality and quantity. The fact it is long hours of gameplay means people can play it during these hard times. 40 hours of Final fantasy VII remake vs. 3 hours of Resident evil 3 remake. Both games are sold for the same price. This game encourages more...
  12. Bartz_FFV

    Final fantasy 16 is not going to be an MMORPG

    Making 16 a multiplayer game will basically kill the momentum of 14. So Yes I do believe 16 is going to be single player too.
  13. Bartz_FFV

    When are we going to have the next episode?

    I am very excited on who will be the summons we will get on the next chapter. There are so many missing summons on the first episode.
  14. Bartz_FFV

    Barret's potrayal is very offensive

    I don't mind his portrayal at all and the actors are given freedom on how they want to portray their characters. Barrett's actor is also black. He have the liberties to portray Barrett the way he wanted to. He may resonate with that kind of accent and it works.
  15. Bartz_FFV

    New characters who doesnt exist from the original introduced on the remake

    Expect more characters to be introduced on episode 2. I also think more NPC from the original will be more fleshed out on episode 2. I mean Jessie barely have character development in the original game.
  16. Bartz_FFV

    The No spoiler thread

    This is for the players who never played the original but have plans to play the remake. This is a spoiler free zone when it comes to the lore but it is more focused on gameplay! if you have questions, the community is willing to answer everything! I decided to make a spoiler free zone since...
  17. Bartz_FFV

    Remake Discussion thread- Anything goes

    Hello everyone! Now that the make is officially released, I want you guys to share your experiences from the playthrough. I will be playing game in few minutes, I will be back in 10 hours and I hope by that time, You already shared your play by play experiences. I know many of us had fantasized...
  18. Bartz_FFV

    New characters who doesnt exist from the original introduced on the remake

    The game's first episode will only cover the first 5 hours of the original but it is not a summarized version it will be more fleshed out. The first 5 hours of the original will be stretch the length of a regular sequel. I am sure though they will do something to the pacing so people won't get...
  19. Bartz_FFV

    Aerith *spoilers*

    The game is episodic and Episode 1 will be a super long game. Aerith will also not die on Episode 1 so I don't think it will be a waste to use her. She will have a longer role on this game. By the end of episode 1 she will still be alive. I am sure you will replay episode 1 multiple times...
  20. Bartz_FFV

    New characters who doesnt exist from the original introduced on the remake

    I know the reason why we have new characters. This game will be longer than the original. it is episodic but each episode will be as long as a regular Final Fantasy game. It is basically going to surpass the length of the original.
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