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  1. cloud_clone

    When are we going to have the next episode?

    I want more sidequest. The sidequests are my absolute favorite part of the 1st episode because it adds a lot to the world building. In episode one I learned about the culture of Midgar.
  2. cloud_clone

    When do you think they will release part 2?

    I believe that Part 1 is very well received because of its innovative gameplay, Amazing story, and reimagining of a classic. They made the new standard! The characters are so well written that you will develop some kind of attachment to them. I thought I will hate it because they stretched out...
  3. cloud_clone

    Please remake this game next!!

    How I want to fix this game.... Get rid of turn base and make it play like 6 remake. Make the game episodic too because this game have a very large cast and the need more character development and a longer game will make that happen. I find it silly that some old school fans don't want this...
  4. cloud_clone

    I think this is the next game to get a remake

    I would like to her a modern version of the song Melodies of life. That is one of the best songs of the series. They need to flesh out Amaranth because he barely have relevance on the story. If this remake will be stretched out just like 7, then make one of the main characters relevant. Also...
  5. cloud_clone

    Final Fantasy 7 remake sold well!

    I hope on Episode 2 they will make Cait Sith more useful. No one uses him in the original because of his stupid finisher that can kill team mates.
  6. cloud_clone

    Someone else might die *spoilers*

    Sephiroth Killed Aerith because she is one of the final existing Ancients. So she is a threat. Her white Materia can stop his meteor as well. He won't gain anything from killing Tifa aside from making Cloud Angry. He gains more from killing Aerith since she have the trump card against him.
  7. cloud_clone

    The demo is now on PSN!

    They gambled on having a new combat system with this remake but that gambled might have paid off because I enjoyed every minute of the demo. The pacing is so enjoyable and it felt like an end game instead of an intro of a game. Speedrunners are having a blast with this demo too.
  8. cloud_clone

    New characters who doesnt exist from the original introduced on the remake

    These characters are not playable but they are added into the game to add something fresh to the story. This is Chocobo Sam- He might be a breeder of chocobo and he is the go to person if we want to buy a chocobo. Madam M She seemed like a madam who trains women to be a perfect wife. She...
  9. cloud_clone

    I wish the food system from Final Fantasy XV should be in this game but in drink form.

    I had seen smoking and drinking characters in Japanese Anime and tv shows marketed to children. As long as only adult characters are allowed to drink alcohol it should not be an issue.
  10. cloud_clone

    Artwork For Final Fantasy VII Remake

    I hope the second batch of party members will start stronger because the 1st batch of characters will have level up advantage.
  11. cloud_clone

    Latest Final Fantasy VII remake trailer reveals RED XIII

    I thought the HD mods of the PC version of the original is breathtaking but this one is much more better and breathtaking.
  12. cloud_clone

    Final Fantasy 7 will have a classic mode!

    It's like having 2 games in 1 disk since we have to available systems that will give us 2 different experiences with the same story.
  13. cloud_clone

    The Darkest FF?

    The main villain is not truly evil. He have no soul and all the bad things he did is for survival. He wanted to stay alive. The game also have genocide. Try to google what Genocide memes, for a game with cute chibi characters genocide is something you wouldn't expect. The disk 3 and 4 of this...
  14. cloud_clone

    I like Ardyn over the main characters!

    I haven't played Dissidia for a long time but now I have a reason to play it again. I am going to download him after this post. Ardyn looks fun to play as.
  15. cloud_clone

    First gameplay video of the remake

    People who have a huge dislike for Final Fantasy XV won't be happy for the direction the remake goes but it's a great consolation for them that they are given the classic option. I am sure Square Enix will make sure it is completely balance. They listen to fans much better than the other video...
  16. cloud_clone

    Final Fantasy 7 remake is not going to be a full game

    It is possibly longer than the original too that's why episodic. Some characters from the original with very short roles where said to be expanded. I am not gonna mention names to prevent spoilers for people who never played the original. I think they have the confidence to make the game...
  17. cloud_clone

    Team Tifa or Team Aerith?

    Now it's a tie because I like the lovely flower vendor or the feisty and possibly alcoholic bartender. I can understand why people love Tifa because she is tomboyish, cool and she is such a feisty boxer. While everyone uses weapons Tifa uses her bare hands. I prefer Aerith though because she is...
  18. cloud_clone

    Today is the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy 8!

    The remaster is amazing because it managed to make a 20 year old game look new again.
  19. cloud_clone

    Final Fantasy VII remake trailer just got released!!

    If this game sells a lot maybe we will get extra content that is not on the original. I hope this wont have the developmental drama that XV had.
  20. cloud_clone

    The full trailer of the remake is here

    So many memories that has been gone suddenly came back. This trailer is so epic. A coed team will always look better than an all male and all female cast X-2 adn XV have. So this game is hype since the parties have both males and females. I love me some diversity on my team. It is weird seeing...
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