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    Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster Comes To Switch And XBox One Today

    and today is the anniversary of Final Fantasy X!!! Hope there is some sort of an anniversary edition but there is none.
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    Final Fantasy 7 remake is not going to be a full game

    They are basically pressuring us to buy every single episode. It is their marketing strategy to make more money. It will make fans afraid of waiting for a complete edition and buy episodes on release because low sales could lead to cancellation. Fans waited for this all their life so they will...
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    How many years do you think we will wait for before 8 gets a remake?

    I think FFVIII might not get a remake anytime soon, what they are planning is to release a remastered version of it. Send them an email in 2030 when they have finished remaking FFVII. And besides, what the hardcore fanboys liked was VII (nostalgia was a significant factor).
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    The Darkest FF?

    I would have to say Type-0. I have watched a walkthrough, and that opening cutscene is extremely brutal.
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    Why is the Final Fantasy series named "Final Fantasy"

    Yeah, I've found the article. Square have settled for the second word to be "Fantasy" then anything that starts with an "F" for the first word would have been acceptable. Just imagine if a pimp created the game, the title might have been F*** Fantasy. LOL
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    News: Babylon's Fall Coming In 2019

    I hope it can run smoothly on an i5 with eight gigs of ram and a stock Intel HD graphic 620, but I highly doubt it. Nevertheless, if it doesn't work, I'll get it on the PS4. Can't wait!
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    News: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Fan Festa In The Works

    Didn't they host it in the USA last year also? Maybe it will be held in another country in 2019 hopefully South East Asia so that I can go. :)
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    Why FF VII is such a good game?

    One of the main points is how well this game's sprites match the environment set by the music, with its super mellowed unrealistic midi sounds. Like the two aesthetics marry perfectly to create a distinct super computerized primitive cartoon feel. I love it. And yeah at the time people thought...
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    What do you think is remarkable about the Final Fantasy Franchise?

    I agree. Also, its reinvented continuously. There are some common forms and elements from game to game, but each new version (with a few exceptions) is a new world, with new rules and a new focus on gameplay. The franchise seldom delves into sequels, so each chapter is a world in its own right...
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    Why FF VII is such a good game?

    Why is FFVII universally perceived as this fantastic game of the series? Mind you, I have my own personal reasons for liking it, but I would like to know what you guys think. What is it about VII that makes everyone love it? Share your thoughts, thanks!
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    What do you think of Ardyn?

    Yes, I agree. It's just that for me, Ardyn was a terrible villain. Somehow it seems like they tried to play this guy up as a successor to Kefka, or something like that. I don't think they were able to handle him with some consistency. I am aware that it's not uncommon for the most notable...
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    The FF characters are mostly young. Why?

    I agree. Japan has a thing for younger leads, and the game's genre is full of action, so it's way better to go with teen characters. It serves another purpose like if there are plans to make a love story of some sort in the game. It would be a little off if the personalities involved are...
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    Your thoughts on Chocobo's

    Yes, yellow Chocobos look bad-ass too. I merely prefer the red ones because it is like having a Ferrari sports car in Italian Red. Vroom Vroom!
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    Final Fantasy 7 HD mod

    I believe there's one more mod in the works too named Echo-S. It's a voiceover mod on YouTube. I'm excited for it to come out. They're making every other part modded as well. It's more like a full remake mod. Off topic: Final Fantasy VII was released 21 years ago, and I just realized I am too...
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    Your thoughts on Chocobo's

    I don't know if I have a favorite one, but the crazy Chocobos in FF XIII-2 are just awesome. There was something exclusively amusing about riding a colorful red Chocobo while having a punk metal version of Chocobo music playing in the background. :)
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