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    The Darkest FF?

    I think what makes FF9 so dark, is the introduction of betrayal like never seen before and the genocide.
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    Thoughts after completing FFIV for the first time

    The improved battle system with a customizable battle command window and the option for auto-battle was a step in the right direction. They also did a great job with the voice acting which brought more depth and life to the story elements of FFIV.
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    Why FF VII is such a good game?

    The materia system was a nice addition, making playing FFVII a really great experience. The 3D graphics were out of this world and this contributed to an increase in the number of Final Fantasy fanbase.
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    Should they redesign Celes's green outfit if 6 got a remake?

    I don't really care about Celes' outfit. What I would like the devs to look into, is some glitches breaks the game, like the Vanish/Doom bug which makes FFVI very unattractive to many gamers. Also, if they can come up with more creative summons, that would be great.
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    Why FF VII is such a good game?

    I think FFVII is the one game that got me to fall in love with the customization. I remember there was even an option where you could turn Barrett into a mage. Although, some people hated the storyline, I thought that it was pretty great.
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    Cecil and Rosa are the worst romance in the series

    I agree, this is an example of one of those romance stories that already started way before the game even started. Personally, I prefer when you get to see the beginning of a beautiful love story.
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    Edward sucks

    He gets a lot of hate but I think he is a decent character. I remember he used to suck when trying to attack but his accuracy has since gotten better. I guarantee after grinding his levels he becomes pretty great.
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    Thoughts after completing FFIV for the first time

    The gameplay fused with all the interesting locations is what made Final Fantasy IV worthwhile.
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    Never Played Never Heard of Final Fantasy 1

    Unlike most of you, I got into the Final Fantasy series pretty late. I didn't get a chance to play Final Fantasy I, not because I've never heard of it, but because I never bothered going back and playing it.
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    FF1 remake?

    I have actually never played Final Fantasy I. I meant to go back and play it but due to some unknown reasons I just didn't bother.
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    Would you like a mobile version of FF8?

    Having Final Fantasy VIII on all three devices seems a little bit over the top, don't you think? I mean, getting it for one device is more than enough imo.
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    Why some weird fans wanted Terra and Kefka as a couple?

    There is a ton of really weird Final Fantasy fans out here. But I guess you can't really blame them, they do have the right to fantasize about whatever they want.
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    best moments

    I think the best or at least my most favorite moment in Final Fantasy VII, has to be when I was done with Midgar and was now ready to explore the rest of the world.
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    What does SEED stands for?

    This is actually a really great deduction. It completely makes sense.
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    News: Final Fantasy XV Now Available For Universal Windows Platform

    Why did they put it as Universal Windows platform if it doesn't include windows phones? Is it because no one owns a windows phone anymore?
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