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    How old are you the first time you played your first Final Fantasy game.

    I was 10 years old when I got my first game and that is Final Fantasy VIII and after loving that game I end up playing VII and VI. I played almost every sequel after it but I never played the spin offs.
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    The full trailer of the remake is here

    Now that is what we call experience! Who would have thought that a once in a lifetime game like the 7th sequel is going to become twice in a lifetime game. Just like everybody I want this to succeed because it can lead for more revivals of the other legendary games from the series.
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    Lightning is the most rude Final Fantasy hero

    My thoughts on Lightning may be a little biased, since I pretty much hated her after she smacked the living daylights out of Snow. Nevertheless, I generally didn't like her snobbish and aggressive mannerisms. As an individual, her character might have been cool but unleashing her mood swings on...
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    Which are your most precious moments in FF13?

    It is true that they experimented so much with FF13. I don't think I saw any flaws in the plot till the whole Orphan suicide. Apart from that, I think the game was perfect. The reviews it got were somewhat undeserved but to be honest, that one scene really messed everything up.
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    Is Orphan really good or bad?

    On the contrary, I really enjoyed the plot. The only problem I had was understanding Orphans side in the coin toss. On one hand he is supposed to be one of the good Fal'Cie, but he acts pretty different from the way they painted him out to be.
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    Is Orphan really good or bad?

    Well, based on the game's story mode, Orphan is the Fal'cie responsible for cocoons power and keeping the world floating. It got confusing for me because Snow, Lightning, Fang, Vanille, Sazh and Hope head into Orphan's cradle to save orphan in order to in turn save Cocoon, but that is not what...
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    Which are your most precious moments in FF13?

    For me, tears welled up my eyes when despite Colonel Jihl's news that Fang and Vanille are pulse l'cie and that they were the reason Sazh's son Dajh was branded l'cie, he still forgives her and together they fight Sazh's eidolon Brynhildr. It was very hard for me to beat Brynhildr by the way. I...
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    FF13 was one of the best games for me. Like FF10, the design is on a more story- based cinematic experience. The game has limited character customization in order to establish characters, mechanics and the plot. The battle system focuses on fast pace active strategy rather than turn-based combat.
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    How do you feel about Final Fantasy XV's ending?

    Square Enix usually has this thing about creating multiple endings for some of the FF games. I will not comment on whether FF15 has alternate endings but what I can say is that I have read from various FF message boards that it's just a way of provoking thoughts from gamers.
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    After Banon goes to Vector and finds it in flames, there is no mention of what happens to him. I think he was killed by the Empire, or maybe he even died during the end of the world.
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    How I made my millions!

    Haha! Then that would mean they would have stolen the idea from Minecraft don't you think? If you were late, then your fate was already decided for you, sorry to say.
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    What is your character's race?

    I absolutely love the Lalafell. Their stature is so cute and reminds me of Zidane Tribal. He is my best character in the entire FF series and the Lalafell race make me feel like I'm playing FF9 all over again. Their pointy ears are also appealing and make them look like characters from the...
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    English voice cast vs Japanese voice cast for 15

    I have also watched lots of anime and have no problem reading subtitles as I play. As for the different character languages, I honestly have no preference. I think the characters sound good both in Japanese and English versions of the game. If you focus really hard on the game, you will ALMOST...
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    FFXV let down lots of people

    New gamers who happen to play FF15 now will definitely enjoy it more than the poor saps who played it when the hype was lingering. Being released after FFXIV, which was an amazing game by the way, FFXV was expected to be some out-of-this-world game and that is why no matter how good it is, some...
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    Where did you first discover FF?

    I discovered Final Fantasy on one of my YouTube sessions. Having access to free WiFi will make you surf all corners of the internet and that is how I landed on a video about FF 7. It seemed so cool so I googled it and ended up ordering the game on Steam.
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