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    Melodies of Life is One of my Favorite Songs

    You are absolutely correct about how the song melodies of life touches one's soft nerves and puts one in a joyful tearful mode. I loved the song for having that power, it's absolutely amazing.
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    What is your favorite music in Final Fantasy XV?

    If you love combat songs, then Kingsglave Under Siege is used in Final Fantasy 15 is going to be your poison. This music is always puts me in a good mood for combat anytime it plays.
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    Final Fantasy 14 vs Monster Hunter

    It look like crossover with Tekken characters is the most appealing deal that Square Enix is focused on at the moment with the latest crossover of Noctis appearing in Tekken 7.
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    Final Fantasy 14 vs Monster Hunter

    It would be great to have a Square Enix vs Capcom Fighting game in no distant time. Imagine getting both of these blockbuster fighting action packed gaming franchise all in one, it's going to be incredible.
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    Who are the Final Fantasy characters that you want to appear on this game?

    How about getting to see Vanye in the game? Wouldn't that be awesome to have a character like Vanye in that particular make. I would have him in the game first more than any other character.
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    FF1 remake?

    Final Fantasy 1 isn't really that well blown up to earn a remake. There are other FF games that are well deserving to have a remake done on especially FF 6. So, I wouldn't be surprised if FF 1 doesn't get any remake.
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    Final Fantasy 14 vs Monster Hunter

    When it's obvious that the new crossover marketing strategy is paying off with increased sales of the game, why wouldn't the company do more of it? It's only normal and business wise to maximize your profits when you have the opportunity to do so.
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    The FF characters are mostly young. Why?

    I think that one thing that makes Square Enix to focus more on younger characters is because older characters are phasing out and the younger ones coming up. The older gamers are most likely to be replaced by the younger gamers, so building the game on old characters is a very bad move.
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    Final Fantasy 7 HD mod

    Alright my friend, I hope that you get it right this time around, so that you can enjoy your gaming without having such bad experience with it again. It's very annoying when you are in the mood to game and it's messing up.
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    Never Played Never Heard of Final Fantasy 1

    Well, since you started with Final Fantasy 6, I think that ordinarily you can assume that the game started from FF 1 before it got to the FF 6 which you were able to start with. This was just like my experience with playing Far Cry games. As I started with FC 5 before drifting back to the...
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    Final Fantasy V characters are named Twice

    Players as well names these characters twice, there is no taking that away as well as from other countries and game reviews but I'm sure that it's first name given by Square Enix holds much relevance than the subsequent ones given to them.
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    Final Fantasy 7 HD mod

    Why not start over with the mod installation if you aren't sure which one is causing the game to crash? I'm sure that it has nothing to do with your windows 10, so instead of doing guess work, get it all done at once.
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    Final Fantasy 14 vs Monster Hunter

    The crossover is more or less a marketing strategy by Square Enix to get the fans of other games characters to pick interest in the game, which in turn boosts the company's sales chart in the market.
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    What do you think of Ardyn?

    I think that every character has an evil side that it's dormant, which can only manifest when such individual is been pushed against the walls beyond any limits. So, it's the case of what Ardyn had to pass through.
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    Cloud Strife getting redesigned

    A look of a general would definitely be a good add on in the character redesign of Cloud. I would like to have such upgrade on the appearance of Cloud in Final Fantasy game. He looked good in the FF7 remake, so having another new looks seems appropriate.
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