What Made Final Fantasy 7 Such A Phenomenon? - Dark Pixel Podcast: Ep. 78 (ft. thelifestream.net)

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Nov 26, 2017 at 9:21 PM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
The Lifestream:

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We post this podcast every Wednesday morning at 5:00am MT!

Today we discuss Paris Game's Week and Final Fantasy 7 with Joseph from thelifestream.net!

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1. Paris Game's Week - 7:55
2. What Made FF7 Such A Phenomenon? - 58:27
3. Thoughts On FF7 Compilation - 1:06:06
4. Honorifics In Translations - 1:18:05
5. Where Did Idea For 'Unused Text' Series Come From? - 1:33:52
6. Did Fans Pressure SE Into Current Vision Of FF7: RE? - 1:37:49
7. Will PS1/N64 Aesthetic Become Popular For Indie Devs? - 1:52:22

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You're all beasts. Thanks for everything!!
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