Top 10 Final Fantasy Monster & Summons Fights!

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Dec 3, 2020 at 4:32 AM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
Who doesn't love a good ol' Top 10? A trip down memory lane to revisit dank Final Fantasy moments and this one is the top 10 Summon and Monster fights in the series. Very much inspired by the recent Final Fantasy 16 trailer, fans reaction to Ifrit vs Phoenix and Titan vs Shiva were JUICY! Colossal battles and high fantasy creatures duelling it out, what could be better? Gonna be some big summon, cutscene and ending spoilers for multiple final fantasy games in this top 10. If you are trying to keep a personal blind reaction then please check out this list of games below and see what you maybe want to avoid. Here's to Final Fantasy 16 topping this entire top 10 summons fight list!

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*Spoilers list*
10: Final Fantasy 8
9: Final Fantasy 6
8: Final Fantasy 13
7: Final Fantasy 4
6: Final Fantasy 15
5: Final Fantasy 14
4: Dirge Of Cerberus
3: Final Fantasy 15
2: Final Fantasy 13-2
1: Final Fantasy 9
0: Bonus forgotten surprise??


10: Shiva vs Ifrit
9: Terra vs Tritoch
8: Ramuh vs Ifrit vs Valefor vs Ragnarok
7: Mist dragon vs Shadow dragon
6: Titan vs Adamantoise
5: Shiva vs Ravana
4: Chaos vs Omega
3: Ifrit vs Bahamut
2: Odin vs Bahamut
1: Alexander vs Bahamut

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