The Complete Evolution of Leviathan

  • Vivi

Leviathan is an underrated summon in my opinion. The big monster of the deep is a title that gives everyone a chill... Mog and the Moogies next pls Union!!
  • Zack Lives

LOVE leviathan! This video was a treat! i first met them in 8 and it?s been love every since! give the big wet guy more air time, pleeeease!
  • LoveTifa

Leviathan are my favorite summon alongside Phoenix. Simply because HE IS KING OF THE OCEAN, HE WAS MADE TO RULE THE WAVE ACROSS THE SEVEN SEAS!
  • Kefka

Leviathan to me is my second favorite summon behind Bahamut and honestly I?m still confused as to why he never appears in FF10 or FF10-2 since the ocean plays a huge role in the world of Zanarkand and Spira.
  • Squall7882342

Leviathan is one of the cooler summons. It's a pity s/he has been reduced to a mid-tier ranking from having originally been near top tier with Bahamut.


Apr 6, 2022 at 3:36 PM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
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After its introduction as a summonable entity in Final Fantasy 3, Leviathan has gone on to become one of the major Summons associated with the Water element. But despite its popularity, it hasn't always been front and centre and its popularity and power has seen significant fluctuation over the years... as we'll show, in this Final Fantasy Evolutions video!

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