#FinalFantasy Final Fantasy NES - ULTIMATE GUIDE - ALL Treasures, MAPS, ENEMY DATA, and MORE!

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Jan 14, 2022 at 4:04 AM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
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Final Fantasy is one of the biggest video game franchises of all time, featuring dozens of games, spinoffs, and even movies! It's hard to believe that back in the late 1980's Final Fantasy wasn't a sure thing. One of the reasons they called it "Final" Fantasy was because if it didn't sell well, it might have been the last game developer Square ever made...

Today we know that isn't the case, but even after playing all of the other games in the series, the original is still fun to play, and has an impressive amount of depth for an early NES title.

So how did this classic get made? In this guide we'll find out, and then we'll dive deep into the gameplay where we'll learn:

* How to build the best party - With 126 unique party configurations, we'll find out which ones are well balanced, and which ones are lacking!

* The SECRET Level Up zone - Stop grinding for hours and just play the game!

* Understanding the combat system - Knowing how the enemy AI works will put you a step ahead!

* Where to find ALL of the treasure! There's just a TON of hidden stuff in Final Fantasy!

* Hidden characters, and secret codes - they're all in here!

* How to avoid traps that guard treasures!

* Maps, Enemy Data, Item Info and MORE - This is a true video strategy guide!

* Why the order of your party matters - changing this can make a HUGE difference!

* The BEST strategies for defeating bosses - Even Chaos himself!

Thanks for watching!


0:00:00 Intro

0:07:04 Building a Party

0:12:44 Chapter 1 : The King's Quest

0:25:29 Chapter 2: The Sleeping Prince

1:25:59 The Marsh Cave

1:44:59 Astos, the Dark Elf

1:53:30 The Invisible NPC

1:54:57 More Mystic Key Locations

2:09:10 Chapter 3: the Rotting Earth

The conclusion, Chapters 4-7, is in PART 2, which is scheduled for release on 1/15/22

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