Final Fantasy XII (12) Guitar Cover - Streets of Rabanastre - Sam Griffin

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Oct 24, 2017 at 2:17 AM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
Final Fantasy XII / 12 acoustic classical guitar cover of The Streets of Rabanastre aka Royal City of Rabanastre by Sam Griffin.

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Holy crap. The town of Rabanastre from FFXII. I've done a lot of Final Fantasy Covers. Lot's of rad Final Fantasy OST stuff to select from. Final Fantasy 12, however, is a strange video game. I felt like when it came out, I wasn't supposed to like it. But dang was it rad. I loved it. And now, many years later, my classical guitar also loves it. Streets of Rabanastre is no easy task, but I loved the song so much that I couldn't help but make a cover of it.

If you want more video game covers on the classical guitar like this one, TABS, and general acoustic remix shredding, this is the place spot for all your video game guitar covers needs. Smack a sub. Smack a bell. Smack yourself.


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