Final Fantasy X - Monster Arena Boss Guide - Original Creations & Nemesis - AI, Tips & Tricks

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Dec 7, 2017 at 7:36 PM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
The best way to use this video is to check the timestamps below for the Boss you want to learn more about. This is aimed at newcomers, experienced players won't have much use for this video. Huge thanks to pbirdman who compiled the brilliant Ultimate Companion Guide - - please check this document out if you want to learn more about the Bosses/Fiends of FFX.

Timestamps for Monster Arena Area Conquest Bosses. You can see me defeating them all in the 100% Guide here:
Easy - Hard -
Stat Maxing Guide:
Intro: I talk about when it might be a good idea to take on the Monster Arena, and advise on what kinds of Armours/Weapons/Tactics will help you defeat the Bosses. For those interested in what is considered the "ultimate armours" of the game and how to make them, check part 109 of the guide:
Monster Timestamps:

"Easy Original Creations" - Can be done with same stats as the previous Area/Species Conquest videos.

Earth Eater: 5:02
Greater Sphere: 11:13
Catastrophe: 16:15
Shinryu: 22:50

"Hard" - Need better stats to make these easier for newcomers

Th'uban: 27:18
Neslug: 34:29
Ultima Buster: 40:42
Nemesis: 46:31 - Note, if you already have 1 or more very good "Break HP Limit" armours and your characters have very high stats this is one of the few battles where using BHPL can be easier than fighting Nemesis without it. The video assumes that you don't have any of these armours or stats that high (HP over 30-40,000).

I hope this is helpful. If anything doesn't make sense or you're still struggling, post in the comments and I'm sure either me or someone else who knows their stuff will help you out :)

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