Final Fantasy X HD Remaster - 100% Commentary Walkthrough - Part 1 - Welcome To Zanarkand (Platinum)

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Oct 24, 2017 at 2:23 AM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
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6 years ago I started this channel in order to upload FFX content, and finally I get to do a commentary playthrough of the HD Remaster. It is the first RPG I have ever done commentary for and it will be long but I am excited and hope you will join in me in this epic journey. In this first 1 hour special our hero Tidus, who is a Blitzball prodigy in the futuristic city of Zanarkand witnesses the destruction of his city by a mysterious being known as "Sin"... This walkthrough will eventually be a platinum one, but up until the final Boss battle I will be focusing on the story and ignoring sidequests. Once I defeat the final boss I will re-load the final save before it and do the sidequests, hopefully resulting in me obtaining all the trophies :)

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