Final Fantasy 7 Explained - Five topics of FF7 lore for one minute each!

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Jan 20, 2021 at 1:06 PM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
Some context for this Final Fantasy 7 video. Several years ago, I began working on a new series called 'Final Fantasy Minute'. After testing out the first couple of episodes on a second YouTube channel I decided to scrap it. I decided that one minute for an aspect of story just was not going to be meaty enough to retain people's interest for a long-term Final Fantasy series. That decision left me with five completed episodes, most of which would never be seen by anybody.

Until today! Even though the series was canned before it went anywhere, I thought what I made was still decent enough that I could bundle all the episodes together in order to share them with you as a one off. At the very least, I can finally after two and half years delete them from my hard drive now...

Timestamps for today:

00:00 - Intro & Context
02:45 - Episode 1: Vincent
04:00 - Episode 2: Nibel Reactor
05:08 - Episode 3: Barret
06:14 - Episode 4: 7th Heaven Bar
07:15 - Episode 5: Lost Number


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Enjoy the video!


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