20 Tips for Newcomers to Final Fantasy XV: Comrades (PS4, Xbox One)

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Nov 18, 2017 at 1:27 PM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
With a fair chunk of Comrades being a bit arcane in explaining how things work, I figured I'd make a quick 20 tips guide to help us all become accustomed to it.

Also, check out the Final Fantasy XV Reddit, as it's an amazing resource for advice and a good source for great community content!

1 When you enter Lestallum, you will be required to select a birthplace. This choice affects your stats and stat gain, so choose carefully. You can back out before choosing if you change your mind

2 Royal Sigils may seem like they're available to select from the start, but they do require unlocking one by one via power nodes on the map.

3 You may prefer to focus on one weapon type, but be sure to fill your slots with upgraded weapons, as the stats all add up to your characters total stat count.

4 Your character will start out muddy and a mess, clean yourself up with the steam cleaning tent in Lestallum. Good as new!

5 While at the cleaning tent, Dustin, the NPC allows you to edit your character, change clothes and even allow you to inflate your ego.

6 You can create easy to find games for your friends by changing your custom parameters to friends, you can even filter down to your region. Do note, that as the game is fairly new and has had it's hiccups, this may be unstable at times.

7 When you zone into a missions camp, be sure to grab a food item. Holding one will ensure you can revive after 20 seconds of being KO’d

8 You don't have to button mash to attack enemies, just hold the attack button!

9 Heavy weapons like the Mace can break enemy weak points on heavily armoured enemies. Also, rumour has it that daggers are great for envenoming enemies with their swift attacks and multiple hits.

10 After a mission, a chef will make your party a meal. This is based on items each member picked up in the mission. These buffs carry over to the next mission.

11 You can remodel weapons at Cid's crafting station. Some weapons have a stat meter under set stats, fill these up and max out the weapon level for them to be remodelled into a brand new, more powerful version.

12 So, how do you fill up those stats? With enemy item drops. Though, try to focus on ones that give multiple of any given stat point, as you will never reach those stat caps with a lousy +1 items.

13 Before investing in a node, be sure to check other nodes in your budget, they may provide better quests, resources or refugees.

14 On the power grid map, you may come across arms schematics and fashion catalogues. These rewards will increase iIis and Dave’s item lists in Lestallum.

15 Aside from Dave & Iris, outposts offer vendors that sell completely different gear from what's available in Lestallum. Sometimes better.

16 unlock outpost & refugees for outpost leaders, you will have a choice of 3 people who provide different benefits for donation resources, discounts or trading posts.

17 There's a quest that is super easy to get to, which isn't too difficult and offers 6.1k Power and 2.25k Gil. It's Roboresurrection near the Cauthes Depot. Here's a map so you can pause the video to find it.

18 Aside from the combat and item management, there's also some mini games and special vendors, like the Meteorshard dig in Meldacio. I had a quick go at this and found more items than power, though.

19 You can do fast chat in games with other players by hitting R2 or RT and selecting your statement from menus. Later in the game, you can purchase little picture chats, which add to the fun.

20 If you want to start again, making a new avatar starts at lv1, but with all nodes you've unlocked still in place and equipment still in your inventory.

To completely fully reset your Comrades progress, you will need to delete your save from the Playstation Saved Data menu. This is separate from the main data, so you won't lose your 500 hour file, just your Comrades.

I hope these tips help you slip straight into the action and building up that awesome avatar. For hearth and home!

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